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From: "Gregh" <chows () ozemail com au>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2004 07:24:41 +1100

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From: "Scott Renna" <srenna () vdbmusic com>
To: <Valdis.Kletnieks () vt edu>
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Sent: Tuesday, December 14, 2004 5:23 AM
Subject: Re: [Full-disclosure] HOW TO BREAK XP SP2 POPUP BLOCKER: kick it inthe nut !

I'd speculate for several reasons.  I've actually heard it said in my 
organization that people don't want to use Firefox, because certain 
sites don't display properly or at all with it.  Even after being told 
there is an extension to view a page in IE, they still use that argument...

Honestly, I hear this all the time. Eg, "You shouldn't use IE for reason 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.....and so on".

So here's the REAL reasons that you most definitely should NOT use IE or indeed ANY MS products:

1) You are a computer newbie who obviously does NOT know enough to protect your computer and don't have the cash to get 
someone in to fix it for you nor do you know anyone who honestly knows what they are doing. In that case, read the 
newspaper - but BEWARE - newspaper print can contain LEAD that can get into your system.

2) You are part of a company network where the people in charge of the network are actually the clueless newbies. See 
point 1.

3) You are so paranoid about what can happen to your personal details (credit card, address etc) that you go to 
terrible lengths to protect it. Just be safe and secure in the knowledge that there is no possible WAY that a simple 
Google search will not pick up something on you if you know someone who uses internet and has been talking about how 
good you are at your chosen field of work. (Sarcastic tone there).

Come on people! Sure there are NEWBIES who honestly DON'T know and there are people with a lot of intelligence who make 
their money in some non-computer related field who are only interested in using a computer as a tool and thus are as 
open to exploitation as anyone else. Whether the choose a Mac, *nix or Windows, they face the possibility of crap 
happening on their computer. 

WAKE UP, PLEASE! Stop knocking MS stuff and start doing the simple things it takes to make sure the people you are in 
contact with ARE safe.

Don't make me roll out my "RED CAR SYNDROME" to people who knock MS! You don't want to read it - again! :)


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