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Shoe 1.0 - Remote Lace Overflow
From: announce () 0x90 org
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 11:20:45 -0500

 Shoe 1.0 - Remote Lace Overflow

 This Vulnerability is in reference to the new class of remote vulnerabilities 
 indicated in: 
 [Please read that first] 

 Discovery Credited To:
        freshman - 0x90.org
        wxs      - 0x90.org
        txs      - 0x90.org

 Jonathan T. Rockway for being the smartest man alive.

 A remote shoe vulnerability exists that could allow for remote tripping and 
 possible exposure of sensitive data to the pavement.


 Hyper-Critical. This needs no explanation.

 Failure to properly tie your shoe could result in tripping and a possible 
 broken face upon sudden deceleration when hitting the pavement.

 Vulnerable Sizes: 
 6 through 13. Other sizes may be vulnerable, but were unavailable for testing.

 You have a 100% secure walking system - you do not fall down, or trip over 
 your own laces.  A remote attacker could determine your shoe size by reading 
 your livejournal FROM THE NETWORK and could MAIL YOU a shoe with extra long 
 laces.  You put the shoe on without tying it properly and suddenly are exposed
 to a REMOTE shoe vulnerability!

 Do not wear untrusted shoes sent to you. Other possible workarounds include 
 sandals (aka. flip-flops). These are a good work-around and are widely 
 available for those concerned about their security. 

 Vendor Notification:
 Vendors were not notified at the time of this writing.  We have choosen not to
 give advance notice because the fault is not always with the vendor of the 
 shoe as a REMOTE PERSON could SNAIL MAIL a LOCAL USER a  vulnerable shoe.

 We at 0x90.org believe that the users should be happy they were notified about 
 this.  Imagine the mass destruction and chaos that would ensue if we unleashed 
 a REMOTE SHOE VULNERABILITY WORM into the wild.  At this time we have choosen 
 not to do that, mostly because we can not afford all the stamps to mail 
 vulnerable shoes to the public.

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