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RE: [inbox] Re: overturning edit of molded cdroms feasible?
From: "Exibar" <exibar () thelair com>
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2004 23:00:44 -0500

Here's what I got out of your discussion, readin between the lines:

1)  You've aquired a shrinkwrap machine recently
2)  You've successfully purchased, lets say, Doom 3.
3)  You've also successfully copied the CD's and the activation key
4)  In your excitement you tore up the original CD sleeve really bad
5)  You've purchased a box of generic CD sleeves from staples
6)  You replaced the torn up sleeves with your newly purchased Staples'
7)  You successfully learned HOW to use the shrink-wrap machine and  shrink
wrapped Doom 3
8)  You've successfully returnded that copy of Doom 3 to Best-Buy and got a
full refund
9)  You're now the person using the CD-key that someone else is going to
actually pay for but it won't work because you're using it for free

  Of course you didn't actually say anything like this, but that's what I
(and I'm sure most others) saw in your post.  Interesting idea, but way too
much trouble if you ask me.  If you really want to pirate a game, just
download it from IRC or any P2P network and burn it to CD's or DVD's...


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Subject: [inbox] Re: [Full-disclosure] overburning edit of molded cdroms

Saber Taylor wrote:
Scenario: chinese agent buys molded cdroms from
Phillip Paradis wrote:
1. Recording data on a pressed CD is physically
2. Most retailers will not accept opened software,
movies, cassettes,

I was cheating here a little bit in my discussion
bait. Gosh though, I can see how these lists draw
people in to talking about locksmith type of ideas.

China has lots of bootleg pressed cdrom factories so I
doubt they are hideously difficult to utilize if an
organization has access to them. But otherwise
morning_wood trumped my idea.

On the second matter, a friend-of-a-friend several
years ago obtained a shrinkwrap machine (which he used
for nefarious porpoises to his heart's delight). The
card board tear-off seals on some cdrom envelopes may
be more tamper resistant, but most customers wouldn't
notice if Badguy replaced them with a more generic
envelope (inside the shrinkwrapped box).

S. Taylor

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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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