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Re: overburning edit of molded cdroms feasible?
From: Steve Kudlak <chromazine () sbcglobal net>
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 2004 10:41:47 -0800

Saber Taylor wrote:

Saber Taylor wrote:
Scenario: chinese agent buys molded cdroms from
Phillip Paradis wrote:
1. Recording data on a pressed CD is physically
2. Most retailers will not accept opened software,
movies, cassettes,

I was cheating here a little bit in my discussion
bait. Gosh though, I can see how these lists draw
people in to talking about locksmith type of ideas.

China has lots of bootleg pressed cdrom factories so I
doubt they are hideously difficult to utilize if an
organization has access to them. But otherwise
morning_wood trumped my idea.

On the second matter, a friend-of-a-friend several
years ago obtained a shrinkwrap machine (which he used
for nefarious porpoises to his heart's delight). The
card board tear-off seals on some cdrom envelopes may
be more tamper resistant, but most customers wouldn't
notice if Badguy replaced them with a more generic
envelope (inside the shrinkwrapped box).

S. Taylor

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Did you actually knpw the FOAF (Friend Of A Friend)  as ususually a
FOAF story is of the urban legend variety. I mean I guess one could sell
lots "X" out of a POBX , if it was enticing it might attract people, like a
CD of stills from the Pamela and Tommy movie or a DVD ogf such a
have no product in it. But that is a way to get oneself into a lot of trouble
because one needs a bank account to cash checks and usualkly banks will
not immediately credit checks from distant places but will hold them until
they clear. This makes the cut and run type capers kind of difficult.

Yeah well to do security stuff one has to think both ways. For example
I should at least my theory by sending in a well dressed friend with some
money and seeing if they could open an account wiith a borrowed $10,000.00
which would be removed a week later, actually that might work if one had
someone to loan one $10,000 to get around the immediate credit problem.
But still this is difficult as banks usually like large depositers. I wonder how
paranoid they get if one deposits cash thesdays. I don't know anyone I can
borrow $100,000.00 from to go to banks and try opening accounts and seeing
how spooked they get. I know the bank in West Virginia was paranoid even
though they knew me. They seem less so in Caliufornia.

These questions are intriguing becuase they deal with how do people do these thinga. I mean Tom Clancy novels are full of things where people hide their nefarious activities acting perfectly normal. OI always wondered what happened of one were perfectly normally going around and depositing cash. For awhile I handled considerable amounts
of cash, but it was at a bank that knew me.

Have Fun,
Sends Steve

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