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Re: antisemtism, FD and bandwidth - why it's all a joke
From: VX Dude <vxdude2003 () yahoo com>
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 10:51:29 -0700 (PDT)

--- Harlan Carvey <keydet89 () yahoo com> wrote:

It merely is the trade-off of total
freedom of speech, which this list tries to

I agree with you on that.  One would hope that
would realize that with free speech (and other
freedoms) comes responsibility...or at the very
observe some modicum of courtesy.  However, that
little bit seems to be far too much to expect.  

Its funny to hear about "responsibility" and
"courtesy" on full-disclosure.  Full-disclosure does
not owe its existance because of these terms, and
realistically it doesn't owe it to "free speech".  As
Marcus Random says  "the proponents of disclosure have
won (largely by virtue of the fact that nobody can
stop them)".

This list exists because no one can stop you guys from
you're irresponcible use of free speech.  The good
flip of the coin is that you guys can't stop us from
being just as irresponcible, hence you're going to
continue to get emails from hush.com and gobbles and
software source club, and who else wants to post.  I
didn't join just to add more noise to the signal
(thats just a fun benifit), but to grab the viruses
that come off this list (hence the name).  You guys
are so protective of your right to be irresponcible
that you guys are afriad of installing a virus scanner
on the mailing list server.

You have to love the ironicy that full-disclosure may
die for the same reasons it was born.  You also have
to love the ironicy that Israel and Palistin have more
anti-semiticism than anywhere in the world, because
they're both semites and they hate each other.

Ahhh... the world is a fun place to live.  A shame you
guys take it too seriously.

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