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RE: [ok] Possible Virus/Trojan
From: "Todd Towles" <toddtowles () brookshires com>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 16:35:46 -0500

Hey FD,

I have seen some information about the file I received on Friday. It is
malware for sure. 

I was the only person in the company to receive it. It isn't detectable by
my up-to-date AV as of yet. Plus as we all saw this weekend it appeared to
grab news headlines. 

Some of us found this hard to believe this weekend, but then we saw MyDoom-O
slow Google on a global scale days later. Maybe the impossible is more
possible now. I will release more information on the file when I get it.

Thanks for everyone help in this manner. FYI, I have yet to see another
e-mail of this type.


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I have sent it to a couple of people, maybe
it was just someone messing with

Yo, Jones, thanks for the update.  I was waiting for you guys to speculate 
up whether or not that thing was a virus.  Let us know what the experts 
say.  It's fun being on the cutting edge.

Do you have an analysis for the virii on FD the past couple of weeks?  They 
are strangely similar.  It's really funny how they all come from things 
like 'theo' and 'bsd_is_kool.exe.avi.zip.ithreadbetter'.  I think these 
virii may have some from Australia, but I didn't read the headers yet or 
look at the code, so what the heck do I know?

I keep worrying that if I go past one it will infect me.  Do you know if 
Eudora is safe?  That Paul dude keeps posting scary stuff about Eudora.  I 
stopped using OE because I got infected too often.

My friends prank me all the time.  It bites.  It's hard to tell what's 
really bad and what's really not.  Sometimes they send me pron but I don't 
run it.  Next thing I know every time I click on a folder it melts or 

On a personal note, my Aunt Mary got sick last week.  What have you been up 

Must be good hunting down south there.  You need some bow hunters this fall?

Always looking for a foolish critter to take a whack at.  Never enough 
backstrap to go around up north here.

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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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