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Re: Fwd: SeeWhatYouShare.com
From: Steve Kudlak <chromazine () sbcglobal net>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 04:51:09 -0700

In my not so humble opinion, Cryptomer has been doing a good job of finding
interesting things and outting them up for Publice View. MI6 really is kind of
irritated by them..

I think the folks who favour the "Induce Act" and stuff like that are floating stories and stuff like that. It is a usual habit of lobbyists and PR folks to call up some news agency and drop some "goody" into their hands about some thing to steer thing in their direction. I know some of the crowd into that sort of stuff in Southern Ca.lifornia
and they are pretty good.

There is a big fight brewing over P2P. If one wants to embarass irritiate liberal democrats bug them about this issue. This is why if one wants to be freedom loving and political one has to keep one's independence. So I have one set of people I will support for Presidential Things which I hope if I can help elect their guys that I can give them static if they get in. I doubt conservatove republicans will listen to me. Althought surprisingly several in California did once and we got the Computer Crime Bill made much less Dracoian.

Have Fun,
Sends Steve

Todd Towles wrote:

It is about the same as grabbing SS number off of Google. Which is possible.
Sometime people don't have stand alone webserver and don't configure them

But I see your point. The government will look down on P2P as a national
threat...but what will a law really do? We all know that the CAN-SPAM act
stopped spam right? lol

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Forgive me for being suspicious of a Web site that is less than one month
old and that is presumably based in Eastern Montana, ...

There seems to be a thread of articles purporting to trumpet the security
dangers of open source/peer-to-peer computing all of a sudden. While I
don't doubt that there exists the possibility that information can and
is leaked by these technologies (due, likely, to them being misused and
misconfigured by clueless newbies), I am afraid that this is the beginning
of a ground swell attempt to restrict these technologies in the name of
"national security", thereby allowing the government to do what the RIAA
and other well-meaning" capitalist money grubbers have failed to do.

Information should be free.

On or about 2004.07.28 10:45:46 +0000, Gideon T. Rasmussen, CISSP, CISM,
CFSO, SCSA (lists () infostruct net) said:

Came across this in the Yahoo security-awareness group...

ARE P2P networks leaking military secrets?
ZDNet.com - USA
... See What You Share" site has been online for a week and has published
photos ranging from a crashed military jet to a screenshot of a
file that ...

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