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CYBSEC - Security Advisory: Denial of Service in IBM WebSphere Edge Server
From: Leandro Meiners <lmeiners () cybsec com>
Date: Fri, 02 Jul 2004 18:08:44 -0300

The following advisory is also available in pdf for download at


Advisory Name: Denial of Service in WebSphere Edge Server.
Vulnerability Class: Denial of Service
Release Date: June 2nd 2004
Affected Applications:  

      * WebSphere Edge Components Caching Proxy 5.02 using
        JunctionRewrite with UseCookiedirective. 

Not Affected Applications:

      * WebSphere Edge Components Caching Proxy 5.02 NOT using
        JunctionRewrite with UseCookie directive.  
      * WebSphere Edge Components Caching Proxy 5.00

Affected Platforms: 

      * SUSE SLES 8 
      * SUSE SLES 8 Service Pack 1
      * SUSE SLES 8 Service Pack 3
      * SUSE SLES 8 Service Pack 3
      * Apparently all platforms running WebSphere Edge Server

Local / Remote: Remote
Severity: High
Author:  Leandro Meiners.
Vendor Status:  

      * Fix included in WebSphere Application Server 5.0.3 (to be
      * Patch available from IBM for clients with Support Level 2 or 3

Reference to Vulnerability Disclosure Policy: 


WebSphere Edge Component Caching Proxy, part of WebSphere Application
Sever, is a reverse proxy designed to reduce bandwidth use and improve a
Web site's speed and reliability by providing a point-of-presence node
for one or more back-end content servers. It is built to work with
content provided by one or more backend WebSphere Application Servers.

Vulnerability Description:

The vulnerability discovered allows a remote attacker to generate a
denial of service condition against the WebSphere Edge Component Caching

If the reverse proxy is configured with the JunctionRewrite directive
being active, a remote attacker can trivially cause a denial of service
by executing the GET HTTP method without parameters.


$ echo “GET” | nc <victim_host_ip> <proxy_port>


If JunctionRewrite is unnecessary, disabling it will suffice to prevent
the Denial of Service. Also if the option UseCookie in the
JunctionRewrite directive is unnecessary disabling it will suffice to
prevent the Denial of Service.

Vendor Response:

IBM opened a case regarding the vulnerability and provided a patch
within 2 weeks of the initial contact.

Contact Information:

For more information regarding the vulnerability feel free to contact
the author at lmeiners () cybsec com 

For more information regarding CYBSEC: www.cybsec.com

Leandro Meiners
CYBSEC S.A. Security Systems
E-mail: lmeiners () cybsec com
Tel/Fax: [54-11] 4382-1600
Web: http://www.cybsec.com

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