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The "Drew Copley is a prick" Poll update (vote++)
From: "Boggles" <boggles () hush com>
Date: Sun, 4 Jul 2004 08:19:12 -0700

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Hi Tom, Happy 4th July.

The lack of professionalism from Team Bugtraq Security is getting to

We'll start there.

we do love the summer holidays, each year more pre-pubescents emerge,
 watch the various uber films (Shrek for example) and post to this list.

As we are questioning professionalism of Bugtraq why don't we play the
"pot kettle black" game.

and we quote:
"Provide Security - Making the Inetrnet a Secure Place of Business"

If you can't spot the problem there maybe you shouldn't have started
your holiday so soon.

Next, as a professional "Tom", why is it that your wasting company resources
by posting to this list (more on this later.)

openly showing their ignorance with defamatory remarks

Ignorance, oh ok. Yes CSS is a new attack isn't it.

Drew Copley and eEye. It's quite obvious you don't have a complete
understanding of the law, otherwise you would realize that you can be

With your "complete understanding" (inferred from above) Could you please
tell us about the current legal status of Turkey and Gerbil weddings
in California?

for deformation of character and slander.

Oh goodie he's one of them. What is it? can't make money with "consultancy"
so sue your way to the top?

Dummying your information in
Dotster (Your Registrar) and hiding behind ziplip.com won't do you any

we sense Bugtraq panicing... no really. we do. serious.

but to save effort:

      Ryan, Thomas  thomasr () planetgrafx com
      2027 E71st Street
      Brooklyn, New York 11234
      United States
       (718) 444-3808

and to save MORE effort:


see, Boggles can be 3l1T3 like Tom and use whois. But Boggles much more
3l1t3 by giving MAP (*gasp*)!

There is no company return (yet)
we are sure with as much legal action as you can afford,
that there will be a good company return yet to come.

oh, Mr legal Guru (makes a change from a "Security BASICS" Guru doesn't
it) why dost thou asketh questions such as:

   Subject: HIPAA Standards

   Where can I find information on the current HIPAA Security Standards?



doesn't your complete understanding of the law mean you should are MAKING

Have you heard of a subpoena?

Passive version of a poena?

IF you have nothing constructive to say,

Follow Tom's lead and email full-disclosure.

- --
Mr Security Industry say:
            "Please gimme 0day, I need to make a living".
             "huh? you use packetstorm too?!?"
            _( )_

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