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Sandeep: Some Final thoughts - GMAIL
From: Sandeep Sengupta <iamssg () yahoo com>
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2004 01:13:16 -0700 (PDT)

Hi Guys,

Good afternoon from India :-)
Here some discussions are going on (Reply to my
invitations) .. including some flares & LOTS of
offline requests for more URLs ;-)

Wish to throw some more light ...

 thanks sandeep, but guys did you know that
www.rediffmail.com also offers you a 1gb mail space
- and anyone can signup.

1) Thanks to Aditya for letting us know about the 1GB
rediffmail A/c. I feel 1GB rediffmail A/c is more
SECURED than 1GB GMAIL A/c (reason discussed later).

2) But GMAIL is different from hotmail / yahoo /
rediff. GMAIL has its "Good & bad" pts (compared to


a) The emails at inbox are arranged THREAD BASED
(which can be expanded (some / all) or collapsed (one
click - toggle). The headers / quoted texts can be
hidden or shown (one click - toggle). And the best
part is that the whole operation is EXTREMELY FAST
(used Mozilla).

b) Introduced the concept of LABELs to emails /

c) Excellent SEARCH facilities (with highlighted

d) time-stamp - both actual time & time between
arrival & current time (may be aimed at non-techies).

e) Excellent keyboard shortcuts (which covers almost
all operations). 


I suspect they are parsing my emails .. word to word.
The advertisements shown on the RIGHT-HAND side are
based on keywords taken from my email body. I think
this is made to ensure that the advertisements which
are displayed are relevant to A/c OWNER's
subject-of-choice. This would mean more clicks .. more
money for them. 

Privacy issues? Try Rediffmail ;-)

Re: "nice try, but:
The link you followed to create a Gmail account has
already been used to create an account for
mpostle () gmail com  Now, its account creating
powers are all gone. To create another Gmail account,
you'll need a shiny new account creation link. We
apologize for the inconvenience. - GTi"

Sorry buddy .. u were slow. Not my fault ;-) U must
have heard the words "Survival of the FITTEST". In
this case .. the "fastest" was the "fittest".
"mpostle" got it as he was FAST. May be GMAIL TEAM
wants only those guys to be proud owner of the GMAIL
A/c(s) who are FITTEST & FASTEST ;-)

Ok ok .. just kidding :-)

I feel GMAIL Team adopted this strategy to assure that
the email A/c(s) are in the hand of the people who are
genuinely interested in thoroughly TESTING the new
GMAIL. After all that was the whole issue .. testing &
feedback. So they created the hype & made the 
availability difficult. The new A/c(s) were created in
such a way that they goes to people who are ONE
"proud"(!!) WINNER in a RACE of millions :-)))

Finally, why I dropped the invitations at
Full-disclosure -> Most of the members in this LIST
are techies & some of them are genuinely interested in
TESTING (& TASTING) something NEW .. like GMAIL. Who
deserves an invitation better than them ... :-))


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