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Re: software burning cpu or mobo ?
From: Ben Timby <asp () webexc com>
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2004 08:44:41 -0500

Georgi, my understanding is that some CPUs have thermal shutdown safeguards. I have been told by friends that AMD CPUs seem to be over clocking "friendly" in that sense. I have no personal experience over clocking my CPU.

However, I once fixed a friend's PC, it was locking up because it was overheating. He must have had it in a very dirty environment, because once I cleaned out his heat sinks (which were caked in dust), everything was fine. This was a newer AMD CPU (MP 1700 methinks), and was gracefully shutting down when it overheated, no permanent damage.

All CPUs I have fried, I have done the hardcore way using a hammer or similar method :-).

Hope that helps.

Georgi Guninski wrote:

i am a hardware lamer, but had to read a mobo manual.
basically it said "we support overclocking, but something may go
'boom'". a quick search for "software overclocking" found this:
The purpose of this Windows application is to change the base clock(FSB) frequency without restarting the system.
If you raise the FSB too high then it is possible that the CPU may not function correctly *anymore*

according to people familiar with hardware, some cpus are easy to
burn (or fry) while others are difficult.

as far as i understand if the temperature is maximized and/or fan speed is
minimized, the outcome is not very deterministic.

has someone burned a cpu or mobo by software means ?

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