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RE: Misinformation on Scob/MSJect Corrected
From: "Drew Copley" <dcopley () eEye com>
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2004 11:02:55 -0700


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Subject: Re: [Full-disclosure] Misinformation on Scob/MSJect Corrected


The original published paper by Jelmer:

For this "previously unknown vulnerability". It has been
known for ten months.

To be fair, I think their tech writers and marketers got
confused in transmission from their IE security guys. It
is extremely confusing.

Or it could be something a tad more deceptive from the 
marketing end of

Could be. I just don't know. 

I am glad I am merciful in judging people, because I did the
same kind of thing here... so I would be a nasty hypocrite,
if I judged them more harshly.

But, the truth is the issue is confusing. There are variants,
there are conflicting versions and stories.

Not that there is any excuse for the adodb issue - and other
open bugs of the kind - to not be fixed. 

It is absurd. 

It is okay to make mistakes, make a ton of mistakes, even,
just fix them. 

Appearances do look like they are not fixing these issues, like
the adodb one, for money. If that is the case, that is atrocious.

All sorts of data are at risk there.

Kinda like all the backpeddling that happened when the paper was
released about the dependance upon a major single vendors SW 
in corporate
america and the world at large, that cost at least one well 
known security
pundit his job.  At that time those with a hand in the M$ 
deep pockets did
start to spin defensive lines around that major vendor and 
it's products,
if only to keep their hands in those pockets.  While this set of
statements are purely my oppinion, I certainly do not doubt 
that M$ might
well be trying to fight the current rants against it's 
'efforts' with FUD,
and in the mainstream media.  It's certainly easy enough to 
later claim a
fubar of hoof and mouth in an aftermath of 'rediscovery' of 
what was know
and what was not and what is new and what's been on a back burner for
almost a full year.  and it certainly fits with their well 
known marketing


Ron DuFresne
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