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RE: Presidential Candidates' Websites Vulnerabl e
From: "Schmidt, Michael R." <Michael.Schmidt () T-Mobile com>
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2004 11:49:32 -0700

This is quite funny,

Second paragraph - black helicopters - come on people this is a paranoid delusional person writing this "article", the 
problem with a conspiracy is that once too many people know about it then it isn't a conspiracy anymore.  Someone has 
been watching way too many Hollywood movies.  Yes, yes, your article got the attention of the secret part of the 
government, and there are about 10 bazillion other articles on the net that have their attention too, so damn, they 
have a lot of helicopters.

Personally I get airplanes over my house, sometimes they are green, but the satellites are what really scares me, I 
mean, they can photograph the text on a golf ball, actually I bet they can read my DNA.

Get a grip - get a life. 

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A link to the article about the passed but yet unsigned draft bill.


We may not have election if a terrorist attack occurs.

Problems with electronic voting; FYI

Jan Clairmont
Firewall Administrator/Consultant

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If any issue is more important than electronic
voting I don't
know what it is.  Congress has approved starting in
the Spring
of 2005, the draft, all the way up to 49 years of
age for special skills.

I'm not clear as to what one issue has to do with the
other.  Those in Congress have already been elected,
so what does electronic voting issues have to do with
the military draft.

Also, could you provide a link to information stating
that Congress will be instituting the draft?  I'm
familiar with the news reports about involuntary
call-ups of IRR troops, but all I've been able to
locate on the draft (different issue entirely) seems
to say that this isn't something to worry about:

So...anything you have that's more definitive would be
greatly appreciated.

So we here are now in the fire, both security wise
and on the
firing line in Iraq and the rest of the world as
this war continues to rage. 

To which "war" are you referring?

Since I have 3 sons of draftable age, I am very
concerned about
them and the under 49 crowd who may soon be in harms
Having gone through Vietnam I do not look forward to
future, whether you think war is right of wrong.  So
how can
we secure the integrity of the voting process and
guarantee the results?

Again, maybe it's just me, but I'm not seeing the
connection between the supposed draft and the voting



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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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