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RE: RE: SUPER SPOOF DELUXE Re: Microsoft and Security
From: "http-equiv () excite com" <1 () malware com>
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2004 21:52:17 -0000

That's very sweet of you my dear. Instead of guessing like you 
normally do you, you're now thinking.

You're now replicating the exact same demos that are currently 
on the table. Not like the pretended before. But you're a bit 
late to the party. Because this has to be specially crafted and 
is only functional under a set of circumstances. That my boy is 
what security is about.

I am in the process of engaging a 'real' security expert, the 
original finder from 6 years ago, to explain it, since despite 
self-proclamations about our expertise, we all know nothing.

Some of us aren't shy about that, others...well...you know.

Thor Larholm <thor () pivx com> said:

Both you and I know perfectly well that Windows Update serves a
different page for non-IE browsers, and that that page does 
not contain
any frames. You should focus on the facts instead of letting 
your hatred
for Microsoft overwhelm you.

Since you have trouble reproducing a very simple example I 
have instead
put this example online:


Open the page. Click the first button called "Open window". 
Click the
second button called "Load page". See that the page from 
is now loaded inside the subframe on jscript.dk.

As you can see, this is perfectly reproduceable in both IE, 
Firefox and Opera. This is of course provided that they allow 
popups in
the first place, but as I mentioned in my previous posts you 
acomplish the same with inline frames instead of a new browser 

To make doubly sure, I even downloaded fresh copies of Firefox 
(worked fine in 'Safe Mode' as well) and Opera 7.51.


Thor Larholm
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Microsoft and

Yes of course.
Two tiny problems though:

1. your little scriplet doesn't work for me. I get:

'W.frames.2.location' is null or not an object

2. If as you claim this is "standard practice" then there is 
wrong with these browsers as it apparently does not work on 

The following browsers are not affected:
* Mozilla Firefox 0.9 for Windows
* Mozilla Firefox 0.9.1 for Windows
* Mozilla 1.7 for Windows
* Mozilla 1.7 for Linux


Perhaps someone who really knows will enlighten us all.


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