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Re: Mystery phone lines, something is hiding and answering.
From: "Eddie " <EddieS () softhome net>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 00:42:50 -0700

Ah, a very good idea. One of the 2 locations I am dealing with right now, 1 does have a phone system. But it's a simple 
2 line hunt group setup with 3 extensions. I 
only noticed 2 lines going into it, but it's worth checking out again. 

The other location does not have any such system. It did at one time, but it was removed in a remodel and a new one 
never installed. Least I think so. I spend a half 
hour looking and found nothing and you would think the new system would be installed where the old system was since the 
mass of wires and power is in that 
locations. The voltages on the extensions are normal and not high like on most PBXs.  But the existence of a PBX would 
only explain one extra line anyway. 

No contract support or otherwise seems to exist. The person that handled all this stuff for many years was fired some 
time ago for sloppy work. 

Thanks for the ideas.

On Thu, 15 Jul 2004 09:23:48 +0200, Vincent Archer wrote:

On Wed, Jul 14, 2004 at 09:55:39PM -0700, Eddie  wrote:
I tried calling the numbers with my laptop and cell phone (with Caller ID turned off). Most of the lines won't 
connect with 
No Carrier, but one, I get the string " ** 01 Communications TermServ **" and a login prompt. 

From the (probably customized) banner, I think you're accessing the
backdoor maintenance access of some equipment, probably a telephone
switch. Many companies will install such a direct access to the
on-site systems they're contracted to support so they can do remote

It might be something else, but that would be my first guess: remote
maintenance for some telephone stuff. See if you can find a reference
to "01 Communications" in a support contract, either as the supporting
company, or the equipment supplier/reseller.

Vincent ARCHER
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