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RE: Mystery phone lines, something is hiding an d answ ering.
From: "Schmidt, Michael R." <Michael.Schmidt () T-Mobile com>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 10:44:20 -0700

Is there a Fire/Burglar Alarm system wired to the phone?

Michael R. Schmidt

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I have been given the task of cleaning out all the old phone lines in 30+ restaurants. Some locations are 30 years old
and in the past, extra lines where added as needed, then forgotten about. My task it to figure out what lines we are 
so we can cancel the rest. 
I generally start at the equipment, (CC machine, FAX, Modem, etc) and get the numbers to the lines we are using, then
test the main breakout box that feeds the building and figure out what lines are coming into the building. Quite a easy
task as some of the buildings are over 50 years old and the breakout box is nothing but a chunk of wood with nuts and

Anyway, on the 2 locations I have checked so far, I found 5 extra phone lines on one and 7 on the other. The strange
thing is, something computer related answers. Some lines have no answer,  but most, some computer picks up. On one,
I get some type of digital tone, but it does not sound like any modem I have ever heard.

I tried calling the numbers with my laptop and cell phone (with Caller ID turned off). Most of the lines won't connect 
No Carrier, but one, I get the string " ** 01 Communications TermServ **" and a login prompt.

Now if I disconnect the phone line from the break out box,  it stops answering, suggesting that whatever is answering, 
in the building.  Now in both locations, another store shares a wall. Napa on one and Boot Barn on the other. However, I
don't think they are using our phone box for their lines. I have yet to find a voice line, least one that someone 

Friday, I will be spending the day in a very hot place with a flashlight in one hand, and a toner in the other tracing 
but I was hoping that someone could give me some suggestions. I have never seen anything like this before and I am
stumped on what is going on.

Thanks for any and all help

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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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