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Re: SNMP Broadcasts
From: tshilson () mmm com
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 18:46:03 -0500

I am a newbie, but a few thoughts occur to me:

First is that my emailer doesn't handle this well at all. More Below:

[signature deleted]

full-disclosure-admin () lists netsys com wrote on 07/15/2004 04:36:29 PM:

let's note that you are the only MCSE here.

How do you know>  I *could* be an MCSE.

But he didn't post this to a newbies "helpme" forum.  He [unwisely]
this to FD.

So what is this forum/maillist for? I am here to learn something about
security and perhaps get early warnings of some vulnerabilities.  Is there
a charter, FAQ, or whatever? [Ooops! I found the charter -- see below]

So, Mr. Knob became the unwitting and unwilling recipient of my days
frustration with the latest crop of the Endless Summer.  Is he due an
apology?  Maybe - I'm genuinely not certain, and as I said, I've actually
discussed it with two people (both on this list).

You admitted that you vented your frustration on him. I think that an
apology would be gracious and wouldn't cause you any physical harm.

Do I care? No.  Not in the least.  Posting something like that as a
factual statement, in what amounts to an experts forum, will get you

I am typing this after a hard day in the salt mines and am working on my
second vodka.  Does Mr. Knob's error justify an emotional rant on an
expert's form?  I admit that these rants allow us to vent our frustrations
and make us SAs the wonderful, kind, patient people that we are, a joy to
all who know us. <crooked grin>

In a forum such as this - yes.  I'm serious Marty.  You know me: I
several thousand emails a day, I parse quickly, and I adjust to the
environment: I have sent many a newbie down The One True Path.  But I
won't do that here - I have a hard enough time sifting through Len's
little sludge factory as it is.

But you have time for this. (What is worse is that *I* am taking the time
to not only read it but to respond!)

Don't ask me for help on something fundamentally basic in a forum
dedicated to the discussion of other things.

Such as...?

Exactly!  It's an SNMP-like product, which is why it has it's own WKP.

A thousand pardons, but what is "WKP".  From the context I would guess Well
Known Protocol, but just a guess.

Earlier I asked about a FAQ or Charter.  I got to the end of the email and
there it was! I read the charter and there is nothing against stupid
questions. However, I quote for your consideration:

Disagreements, flames, arguments, and off-topic discussion should be taken
off-list wherever possible.

I go back to my closet for more lurking, or another vodka, whichever comes

of the Sweetwater Sea

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