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antisemtism, FD and bandwidth - what I want out of it
From: Gadi Evron <ge () egotistical reprehensible net>
Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 10:08:02 +0200

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|>You should proof that Israel *deliberately* massacres civilians.
| http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article3023.htm
|>Anyway, this is a security-related mailing list and antisemitism
|>and antizionism are off topic: please stop boring us.
| Agreed.  Go away zionist troll.

Did I ever mention how I enjoy drinking the blood of Palestinian babies
in the morning?

Yes, we are all murderers, now can we please move on?

Can't a guy kill babies in peace and quiet without being flamed on FD?


Moderators: this is not only off-topic (unlike zombies sending viruses
here), this is outrageous!

How about you add the address of everyone who participated in this
thread, including me just now, to an auto-moderation rule?

This is not the place for politics, and it certainly ain't the place for
crazy zealots on any side, or antisemitism. They can come to Israel and
stand before tanks if they like, or even bomb a few Israeli babies - but
don't you think this really is going over the line in FD?

This is absolutely the last time I feel like a lamer for replying to
flamers and flaming them back off-topic when I am really really bored.

As much as I appreciate and adore the idea behind FD, it has grown out
of being usable, nearly at all.
It's a shame as the grand idea that it is, got to just be ridiculed and
instead of providing with an alternative to the big bad corporate
bugtraq, it's just a kiddies play ground.

A list so big must be moderated. Can't there be a Full Disclosure list
where every on-topic email, no matter who would hate it, gets through?
Even if it is about how much Symantec isn't serious, for example? Or a
competitor releasing a patch? (did I get all the normal anti-bugtraq

Can't it be professional rather than just a venting ground for those who
find it difficult to think faster than one mile an hour?

Note: Fine, keep this list the way it is - you already showed you won't
budge from that, I want another list which can serve an actual purpose
behind the ideology other than bogging bandwidth.

I want our ideology to be respected and successful. Not a waste of time.

Open source, Linux, etc. do so well in-spite of the multi-billion $$$
fight against them, and yet all we of the security world have is FD in
its current form.

        Gadi Evron.
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