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Re: viruses being sent to this list
From: xsemail () xs4all nl
Date: Tue, 23 Mar 2004 13:39:38 +0100 (CET)


That's a good point you raise there. The only way to protect yourself from
this isto be carefull where you post you e-mail address and even as to who
you give your e-mail address.

I have difrent aliases for mailing groups, another address I use on forums
another one I give to co-workers and critical contancts and yet another
one I give to friends. Every now and then I notice a to high  increase in
spam or virusses to be received on one of my aliases and I change it and
notify any people that I really want to stay in touch with, or update the
proper profiles.

I am faulty however, I have made a few human errors. Using a good search
engine and the proper queries you could find my hometown and first name
just with my e-mail address, not so good when you think of it. But alsong
as one is aware of what is publicly available.

Still this isn't an ideal solution. I still want to be reachable and
aslong as I'm plugged to the net I will receive virusses and spam, that's
just the nature of choosing connectivity over security. (A choose one
makes by even connecting to the net imo, but that's open for debate).

My 2ct.

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Subject: Re: [Full-disclosure] viruses being sent to this list
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 21:38:32 -0500
From: MICHAEL coles <lppcolemi () gw njsp org>
To: full-disclosure () lists netsys com


    There is a very fine line between uber-troll and not understanding
the topic. What makes you think that your email wasn't found on one of
the resting places for this mailing list? You name appears over three
hundred times according to google.com when searching for "full


You weren't targetted, just unlucky.

There is not much the mods can do. Want them  to request that your email
addresses be removed from all search engines and private mailing lists

Mike Coles

Gadi Evron <ge () egotistical reprehensible net> 03/22/04 7:11 PM >>>
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| Sure, if it is spread with intent to harm, which a virus/worm can
| be argued to be doing when it propigates.

|My intention was not

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