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RE: [inbox] stenagrophy software recommendations
From: "C I" <chris_imes () hotmail com>
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 12:14:02 -0800

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i'm looking for a very simple,reliable, small (certainly less
the 1mb),
must-have gui, windows,  stenographic encryption program. i'd
any recommendations.

There's a nice list at: http://www.jjtc.com/Steganography/toolmatrix.htm

Also, there is an excellent book out by Dave Cole called "Hiding in Plain Sight: Steganography and the Art of Covert Communication" which quickly lays out the theory and also suggests several utilities which I recall (currently don't have the book on hand) fit your requirements. Also, a portion of the book includes source code to an app that he was writing as part of his, at time of writing, current research so there is some foundation should anyone consider writing something similar. It is a short book, the theory is laid out so it is easy to follow both making for a quick read.


Although steganography has close links to crypto, they are different. Where
crypto hides data behind encryption, stego hides it in plain site.

Good point; however, it should be noted that combined it is a popular match since there are apps that are getting better at detecting the presence of hidden data so also encrypting it adds another layer of protection. Just to mention, stego's technique in transmitting data is COVERT in that it hides the fact that sensitive data is being sent and cryptography's "technique" is OVERT since it is apparent that sensitive data is being sent but turned into unintelligible text. Then again, maybe when the original poster stated "stego encryption program" he was asking for an app that did both, and we incorrectly implying that the two were getting confused making all this is moot.

- -- Chris I.

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