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RE: Scary Question
From: "Richard Spiers" <Dksaarth () unix za net>
Date: Mon, 1 Mar 2004 15:47:38 +0200

Hey hey

Can anyone say EMP? I'm no rocket scientist, but it is possible. Things like
nuclear bombs emit a EMP blast, but that doesn't really matter since
everything gets toasted anyway. Google for it. I believe they used a device
like this is the movie Ocean's Eleven.

This is not the right list for this.

Richard Spiers

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This question might not be suiteable for this mailing
lists but I will ask it anyway.

I heard that it was possible to cause irrepareable
damage to any electronic circuit through
certain waves or radio emissions ( I'm not qualified
in this subject ).
And I'm afraid I have even found some ready made
gadgets being sold on the internet.

My questions are : Can anyone qualified in this matter

                              please explain to me if
this is really possible ? 

                              Are there any reading
material available relating to this gender 
                              Denial of Service ?

Thank you very much Securityfocus.

Uday K. Moorjani

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