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Re: Backdoor not recognized by Kaspersky
From: Rodrigo Barbosa <rodrigob () suespammers org>
Date: Thu, 4 Mar 2004 18:21:49 -0300

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On Thu, Mar 04, 2004 at 11:35:17PM +0530, Aditya, ALD [Aditya Lalit Deshmukh] wrote:
My idea is that the MDA simply tag the messages, and that the MUA, either
localy or using some POP-like protocol, read the flag and, following
users configurations, either dump or accept the message.

anything that requires some things to be changes will not be accepted and deployed quickly.

If ever, yes.
One of the advantages of the system I described is that it will work
even if you only deply it on a single MTA.
Small drop in the ocean, but should improve a bit.

This point comes to my mind after having serious problems with
ISPs rejecting emails that were destined to me, but were not
spam. Currently, I'm having serious problems receiving e-mails
from a business partner at Korea, cause the ISP simply decided to
drop all e-mails from that company's netblock.

this is where the blacklist are useful. a combination of spam assassain+postfix+avir mail+tarpit is very good at 
keeping the spam out of the system. if the compony is seriouly into spam filtering simply rejecting is not the answer 
but rejecting it intelligently is the answer

My point exactly.

isnt this therd going in places where it is not supposed to go ? smtp server and spam issues, when it should have 
stayed in backdoors. is it time to kill this thread ?

This kind of discussion has been going around the net for a long time
now. I'm sure we all see at least a thread like this every day, on at
list one of the lists we all subscribe.

And yes, you are right. Maybe it is time to kill it. I'm stopping here.

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Rodrigo Barbosa <rodrigob () suespammers org>
"Quid quid Latine dictum sit, altum viditur"
"Be excellent to each other ..." - Bill & Ted (Wyld Stallyns)

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