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Re: Comcast using IPS to protect the Internet from their home user clients?
From: "Exibar" <exibar () thelair com>
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 17:27:04 -0500

As long as ComCast specifically states what they are filtering beforehand,
when and why they cut the user off after the fact, then I wouldn't have a
problem, that way the user could make an informed judgment call as to
whether or not to keep them as a provider.

   ComCast isn't known to communicate very well.  I've heard of cases where
they cut people off for downloading too much, without telling them how much
is too much, etc etc.

  Perhaps censorship was too strong of a word.  If they advertise "unlimited
internet access for $49.95" then then better damn well provide "unlimited
internet access" and any restrictions plainly and distinctly posted so the
consumer can make an educated choice.


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"Exibar" == Exibar  <exibar () thelair com> writes:

Exibar> I know the "feeling" behind what you typed, but you really
Exibar> don't mean what you typed.  Filtering should not be done by
Exibar> the ISPs, they should provide a pipe, and that's it.

But they also have the right/responsibility to enforce an AUP, and to
play "good net neighbor".

In this case, they are disconnecting users who are violating AUPs
or causing them to collectively no longer play "good net neighbor".

It's not censorship.  It's especially not "censorship" when it's a
private company (you can always take your business elsewhere).

"Freedom of the press" doesn't mean you get to use everyone's press
for free, or that everyone gets a free press.  Comcast is entirely
within their right to cut people off as clients or from the net or
both.  It's their wires.

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