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Re: Book of unreleased exploits?
From: Ron DuFresne <dufresne () winternet com>
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2004 18:11:24 -0600 (CST)

To save folks the time and effort;

The Shellcoder's
   Handbook: Discovering and Exploiting Security Holes
   Jack Koziol, David Litchfield, Dave Aitel, Chris Anley, Sinan "noir"
   Eren, Neel Mehta, Riley Hassell
   ISBN: 0-7645-4468-3
   648 pages
   March 22, 2004

     * Examines where security holes come from, how to discover them, how
       hackers exploit them and take control of systems on a daily basis,
       and most importantly, how to close these security holes so they
       never occur again
     * A unique author team-a blend of industry and underground experts-
       explain the techniques that readers can use to uncover security
       holes in any software or operating system
     * Shows how to pinpoint vulnerabilities in popular operating systems
       (including Windows, Linux, and Solaris) and applications
       (including MS SQL Server and Oracle databases)
     * Details how to deal with discovered vulnerabilities, sharing some
       previously unpublished advanced exploits and techniques

This poseter did not look at the information on the shopping cart pages,
and his fiend did not understand the principles being taught in his class,
or was scammed.


Ron DuFresne

On Fri, 12 Mar 2004, david cohen wrote:

Coworker of mine took a class taught by one of the authors of this book:


Coworker is telling me this is some sort of compendium of unreleased
exploits. Figuring that the average exploit would take up about 5 pages
of printed text, and the book at 650 pages, that would lead me to infer
that it has somehwere around 130 new exploits. WTF? What is the point of
this other than to force people to buy exploits? Im speculating that this
is mostly going to be lame XSS bugs and rewrites of existing exploits.
Anyone know for sure? I've never heard of any of these guys, but one of
these jokers has to be on this mailing list.


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