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Re: a secure base system
From: Stephen Clowater <steve () stevesworld hopto org>
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 13:31:38 -0400

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harry wrote:
| hi all,
| i have a little question. i'm asked to set up a base system, which has
| to be secure. we want a system from which we can easily install a
| compromised system. so i had a few ideas to make it as secure and yet as
| usable as possible:
| - use debian testing (stable is too old, unstable is ... well... you
| know ;))
| - /var and /tmp mounted nosuid and noexec
| - grsec kernel
| - use lvm (so you don't need to worry about the sizes af the partitions)
| - remote logging to our logging server
| - all this in hardware raid 1 for easy transfer to other systems
| - iptables with all connections refused (you need physical access to do
| something)
| - maybe allow ssh (no root logins)?
| ==> is this ok, too paranoia or is there somenting i'm missing, and
| cound it be even more safe?
| how about a compiler? normally, all soft on it is compiled by hand, but
| it is also "necessary" for a local exploit.
| any ideas? remarks?
| tnx in advance
I'm not quite clear on what exact kind of implementation you had in mind
or what your testing, but I would recomend, ethier using gentoo (the
metadistrubtion allows for some unique security measures) or freeBSD 5.x
series (the jails can allow for some new implementations, and the distro
has a proven record of security) or slowaris (since you can use solairs
to actually segment CPU memory, ect ect, esiientially make nested
installations independant of the exisitng install)

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Stephen Clowater

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