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Re: Re: Microsoft Security, baby steps ?[Scanned] [Scanned]
From: Valdis.Kletnieks () vt edu
Date: Thu, 18 Mar 2004 14:19:45 -0500

On Thu, 18 Mar 2004 16:46:26 GMT, "James P. Saveker" <james () wetgoat net>  said:

If you have 30K seats then as I pointed out image installation would be done
via the SMS server or for companies not running SMS they may use RIS or
another image multicast server.  The desktop units will of course have PXE
boot roms on the NIC's and therefore not even need a boot disk. 

Hmm... <looks around> Yep, 30K+ users around here.  Hmm.. Nope. No global SMS
server.   And anytime somebody says "of course they'll have", that's
immediately suspect.  And remember that the sort of older box that doesn't have
a PXE onboard is also more likely to end up being the sort of box you *wish*
had one onboard... ;)

Of course not all companies and what not have the resources to be able to
run SMS or even perhaps the need.

Exactly my point.

For smaller companies the IT staff should find it easier in a 2K domain or
above let's face it RIS is free with 2k server (running a native windows
network) They would of course have to keep RIS images up to date.

All very good "best practices" concepts - too bad so few sites manage to
actually deploy them correctly....

That's the *real* challenge of trying to secure a network - the vast gap between
what could be done given the proper mandate and financing, and what you can
usually actually deploy with the mandate and financing you actually got. :)

In fact all tasks for smaller companys can be done by
people with little up top using SBS 2003 and enjoying the wizards.

Which is fine, until something goes Terribly Wrong and there's no sign
of the Terribly Wrong-Fixing Wizard to be found. ;)

(Guess who's come across waaay too many boxes that the owner didn't know were
compromised because the box knows how to say "You've got Mail!" but doesn't
know how to say "You've got Malware!" ;)

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