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RE: Re: Administrivia
From: John.Airey () rnib org uk
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 11:11:49 -0000

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From: Jason [mailto:security () brvenik com]
Sent: Friday, 19 March 2004 01:08
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Subject: [Full-disclosure] Re: Administrivia

Nick FitzGerald wrote:

John.Airey () rnib org uk wrote:

And please guys, stop cc'ing me. I'm on the list and have 
been almost
since it started!


First, it is actually _rude_ to CC responses to messages from "self-
moderating" lists (such as Full-Disclosure) to the poster 
and the list 
because, by definition, the poster is on the list and will see your 

Perhaps a read over RFC 1855 would be in order for a few?


but *I* prefer to be in the recipient list if I have joined in on the 
discussion, it is clearly a discussion I am interested in or 
felt like 
chiming in on. I have filters... they filter... they filter 
if I am a named to or cc... discussions I am participating in 
by default 
float to my attention.

Except I would add that the quoted RFC (which is informational, not
mandatory) does say that signatures should be kept short:

    - If you include a signature keep it short.  Rule of thumb
      is no longer than 4 lines.  Remember that many people pay for
      connectivity by the minute, and the longer your message is,
      the more they pay.

The observant will note that mine breaks this advice (although it doesn't if
you ignore the extra bit that I put in. It usually offends at least one
person). The RNIB disclaimer is outside my control, except that I have
pointed out that it can lead to our own email being classed as SPAM and
suggested a link to a web page would be better.

Anyway, it follows logically from this that most people wouldn't like to
receive more than one copy either.

I won't even mention the number of evil remailers out there that are
resending messages to this list and bugtraq like it's going out of business!

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