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Re: Why is IRC still around?
From: vord <vordhosbn () gmail com>
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2004 17:14:09 -0600

[flame response] firstly, n3td3v is only mad because i happened to ban
him from #hackphreak ... which is incidentally the current home of
former/current "members" of [where to begin?] rhino9, w00w00 ... and
of course, people who're currently employed at CA/ISS/M$/FS/SIDC. the
list goes on. are we script kiddies or do we maybe like to do more
than talk about computers all day? you be the judge. anyway, that has
nothing to do with this list or this discussion and im sure we'd all
benefit from you, and morons like rap1st, keeping their mouths
shut.[/flame response]

at any rate -- thank you Barry for providing some relevant information
and a legitimate, civilized response.

two things on the issue of servers: (1) bandwidth expense and (2) an
anonymity sacrifice [on someones part] would have to occur/be incurred
if they should be forced to setup their own servers. ironically, since
[as you mention] their software has already been fitted to other
mediums, there would be no incentive to setup said servers, unless of
course there are people who don't have such "retro-fitted" software at
their disposal who wish to cause problems, in which case any upgrade
to IRC itself would eliminate the threat coming from people who are
totally lame and have no resources ... would the difference be
negligible? I'm not sure.

but again, i don't care anymore ... no one is concerned ... the end.

btw, i was referring to everyone who drives a car not driving a
model-t ... im sure they'd have kept on doing it for the entire
century had someone not come along and made them change.


On Mon, 22 Nov 2004 19:50:12 +0000, n3td3v <xploitable () gmail com> wrote:
im a crybaby, waa waa. :o(

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