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Re: Should the industry be expecting a hacker response to election results?
From: KF_lists <kf_lists () secnetops com>
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2004 18:01:46 -0500

Here in Ohio the fabulous swing state we have evil hax0rs sp00fing snail mail from elections officials. Several Ohio residents received mail yesterday and today stating:

"Due to poll overcrowding, the Ohio polls have been extended into Wednesday. You can vote tomorrow from 9am to 9pm".

This is an obvious Denial of Service attack... Help the sky IS falling! 1000's of retarded Ohio Voters may be tricked into NOT voting until tomorrow!

Today IS a rainy day AND a day of importance so the evil Snail Mail Hax0rs are out molesting the general public with their 0day postal exploit.



n3td3v wrote:
Do you think if bush gets back in that hackers have something ready to
launch against internet targets?

Are security firms ready for a major internet incident?

Are the major dot-coms got staff working late incase something occurs?

Is this realistic or is my drama filled imagination getting the better of me?

Personally i'm expecting something, i don't know if it comes in the
way of a denial of service of some description or a virus outbreak, or
perhaps a high profile defacement on one of the major dot-coms.

I think if hackers were holding off an exploit or vulnerability for a
rainy day or day of high political importance, then the U.S election
result if it swings in the direction of bush would be the prime time
to use it.



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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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