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Re: Why is IRC still around?
From: n3td3v <xploitable () gmail com>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 22:07:26 +0000

On Tue, 23 Nov 2004 21:56:41 -0600, vord <vordhosbn () gmail com> wrote:

please think before you speak. ive already explained this to you more
than once. #hackphreak is no longer  associated with a "group" and no
longer intends to be a channel dedicated primarily to matters of
hacking/phreaking technical discussion [we therefore accommodate
"lamers" who "don't know anything" and "give IRC/hackers/phreakers a
bad name" whatever the fuck that means -- suffice it to say, its not
primarily a help channel anymore. 

Yeah, you said it. You had to move stance on it being a lamer channel,
because no one with intelligence is on the channel anymore. You make
out as if it was planned. The channel went down hill and you have no
choice but to admit its a lamer channel, full of script kiddies, who
consider themselves "real hackers".

we talk to each other about whatever
the fuck we want and answer questions when and if we damn well feel
like it. we do not congregate there for your enjoyment, we do so for
our own. moreover, most of us deal with computers all day long and
don't particularly care to talk about them 24/7.

I don't disagree with you on that. Lots of script kiddies are online
24/7. Even some of them work in computers as a job, then come home and
go straight on the computer at home and spend all night on #hackphreak
because they have no friends of social lives.

oh hey, remind us why no one reads your forum even though you spam the
link on this list several times a day. :X

Probably because its not a public forum and its not been online for
very long, and probably because I keep deleteing and adding forum
sections alot at the moment.

Its not really ment to be a public forum with loads of authors. Its
really a place for me to post stuff i'm doing and let various vendors
read it. The majority of members are infact vendors from various
e-mails i've sent them on a security issue, and i've welcomed them to
read some posts i've put up on my forum they may be interested in. The
link I post on this list and other sites is for the homepage, not the
forum. You'll notice I don't firectly link to the forum. Its really
the homepage I intend people to read more than the forum, so people
who read my posts on mailing lists and online forums can get a taste
about what I stand for and believe in.

as far as "real hackers" are concerned ... it takes one to know one; 

Are you calling me a hacker? If so, then you must be a hacker as well,
as it takes a hacker to know a hacker. I'm not a hacker, if you read
my homepage instead of going to the forum, you'll see I work against
hackers, and report them whenever possible to vendors, to stop them
being evil hax0rs.

 if there are real hackers anywhere its #hackphreak. if you
like, you can send all of your hacking/security related questions
directly to us from now on ... we would be glad to make you look like
an idiot on a regular basis as it would certainly be entertaining. i
will personally see to it that all of your questions are answered in a
timely fashion.

I think you seriously don't know the difference between script kiddies
and real hackers. hackphreak has no real hackers as you admitted at
the start of this e-mail, the channel is full of lamers, who only do
general chat. The only real thing you do have is real script kiddies,
thats the only *real* thing the channel has. Yes a script kiddie can
be online infront of computers 24/7 and also work in I.T during the
day, thats pretty run-of-the-mill for a script kiddie, unless you are
thinking more of the teenger script kiddie who goes to school and
comes home at night infront of mom and dads computer, which is also a
script kiddie.

Yeah, I would glady come back on the channel and further make a fool
of you, but at the moment its only my bot on it, relaying the
transcript to me outside the channel, for me to read at any casual
time i've got spare time too. If you hadn't noticed the majority of
nicks on the channel are various peoples bots, rather than sados like
you who are *actually* on the channel, thinking youre a real cool guy
being an op. You only have say 20 real people on the channel out of
say 100.

Now whose the real mug, the saddo with no social life op(vord), or the
guy with a bot keeping logs of keywords(n3td3v), to try and to stop
script kiddies hacking the internet? My bot is joined by various other
intelligence agency bots and other security researcher bots. You

giving irc and real hackers/phreakers a bad name since 1998.

I really feel sorry for you if you've been on the channel since 1998,
you must be so proud. No friends, no social life for all those years.
What a great thing. Yet again, the length of time you've been online
or infront of computers does not make you anything less than a script

Real hackers are defined by skill. Not the length of time you've been
online or on a IRC channel. Someone could be online 2 years and never
step foot near IRC and out school you with knowledge ten times over,
so stating 1998 means nothing as far as skills goes, if anything it
just shows you up as a sado.

We're watching the real script kiddies on #hackphreak for malicious
agendas, not real hackers.

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