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Re: MSIE flaws: nested array sort() loop Stack overflow exception
From: Gadi Evron <ge () linuxbox org>
Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2004 12:11:50 +0200

Berend-Jan Wever wrote:
Hi all,

Another flaw in IE:

Yet another? No. You can't be serious.

  <SCRIPT> a = new Array(); while (1) { (a = new Array(a)).sort(); } </SCRIPT>
  <SCRIPT> a = new Array(); while (1) { (a = new Array(a)).sort(); } </SCRIPT>

Normally I would see if it's exploitable but I figure I'm not MS's pet bug finder/analyser... So, I've CC'ed this message to 
Microsoft. I'm sure they know their own product better then I do and can analyse the problem much faster. So if you want to know the impact of this 
vulnerability, ask them: I'm sure they will be more then willing to help you. I'm sure they will even reply to this message with technical details 
and a patch tomorrow.

Ahh, don't you mean normally you'd get paid for it but somebody decided you are too much of a "risk" to work with? Just guessing here. Or maybe you release this just to show us you have nothing against Mozilla?

As to "and a patch tomorrow." - who are you kidding? Ever heard if Thor Larholm and his mailing list, Unpatched? If we are lucky, they will patch it secretly in a couple of releases. If not, wait 6 months.

As it is IE.. well now, don't say they "violated" GPL when they use your stuff again for some virus.

PS. Don't think firefox will keep you save from hackers, I _know_ it won't ;) But more on that later...

There is more to come? I guess you've been saving up. Is this all about teaching us all a lesson?

I appreciate your work, and I appreciate your wishes. I really don't appreciate you or how you do things.

It's a shame really.


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