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Re: Fwd: University Researchers Challenge Bush Win In Florida
From: bkfsec <bkfsec () sdf lonestar org>
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 15:49:08 -0500

I wanted to make sure that everybody else has a chance to view my remarks to Thomas' obviously unintelligable gripe with me, while we're being immature and foolish here. Why break the chain, right?

Thomas, if you're going to pick a fight, please pick one you can handle with a modicum of grace. I tried to take this offlist, but you insist on dragging it back on... very sad. Maybe you feel that your non-argument with regard to me can only be bulstered by slanderous personal attacks. I can play that game, too. Have a nice day. :)

Thomas Sutpen wrote:

I forgot to make sure everybody else has a chance to view my remarks
to Barry's obviously short-sighted arguments.

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From: Thomas Sutpen <sutpen () gmail com>
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 14:31:49 -0700
Subject: Re: [Full-disclosure] University Researchers Challenge Bush
Win In Florida
To: bkfsec <bkfsec () sdf lonestar org>

On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 11:02:41 -0500, bkfsec <bkfsec () sdf lonestar org> wrote:
So anyone who is concerned about the system and has shown that they
aren't on your side of the political fence should have their opinion
sumarily tossed out?

I never said what side of the fence I'm on.  You, however, have made
it more than amply clear where you are.  You've already shown your
hand, and like it or not, you're be labelled accordingly.
You seem to be ashamed of who you are.  That's a pity.  :)

Label me however you like. I really could care less. I've shown my hand? :) That's pretty funny.

Well, since you so clearly have shown your own allegiance, wouldn't the
case be the same for you?  Thanks for the opening.

Everyone, please disregard Thomas' opinions - he's shown himself to not
be impartial.

This coming from you.  Sorry, that doesn't wash.

Sure it washes. In fact, it washes so much that the irony of my sarcasm was entirely lost on you.

Pity... maybe you should read a little bit more closely next time. I can talk to some people and maybe recommend a remedial level reading class for you. I'd have to look pretty far, though - no one I know does such a poor job as to require the remedial class you seem to need.


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