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MSIE <IFRAME> and <FRAME> tag NAME property bufferoverflow PoC exploit (was: python does mangleme (with IE bugs!))
From: "Berend-Jan Wever" <skylined () edup tudelft nl>
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2004 01:41:43 +0100

Since nobody else posted an exploit I figured I might aswell slap the BoF together with my default exploit JavaScript 
for the scriptkiddies to rejoice and the sysadmins to worry about.

The JavaScript creates a large amount of heap-blocks filled with 0x0D byte nopslides followed by the shellcode. This is 
to make sure [0x0D0D0D0D] == 0x0D0D0D0D. It's not the most efficient thing in the world but it works like a charm for 
most IE bugs.

The BoF sets eax to 0x0D0D0D0D after which this code gets executed:
7178EC02                      8B08            MOV     ECX, DWORD PTR [EAX]
[0x0D0D0D0D] == 0x0D0D0D0D, so ecx = 0x0D0D0D0D.
7178EC04                      68 847B7071     PUSH    71707B84
7178EC09                      50              PUSH    EAX
7178EC0A                      FF11            CALL    NEAR DWORD PTR [ECX]
Again [0x0D0D0D0D] == 0x0D0D0D0D, so we jump to 0x0D0D0D0D.

We land inside one of the nopslide and slide on down to the shellcode. The shellcode is of the portbinding type, port 
28876 to be exact. So now you know when to send me a happy birthday email...

The exploit will work with the <FRAME> and <IFRAME> tag, attached file uses <IFRAME>
For all you guys that cannot setup their AV software right, you can download the attachment from one of the many 
mirrors of this list.


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