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RE: FW: Shadowcrew Grand Jury Indictment
From: "raza" <raza () raza demon co uk>
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 23:30:18 -0000

Well as a security professional I can testify that the sites you want
closed down ie reference to zone-h etc.. Are a valued source of

Obviously your not plugged into security and as such use these groups to
talk Shi* and justify your views of closing IRC Channels.

Thankfully your not in government and btw , not all readers on this list
are in the US , I am  from the UK and its clear to me that you don't
understand the concept of freedom of information !


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On Wed, 17 Nov 2004, n3td3v wrote:


If I was in gov, I would shut a site down that looks remotely
hax0rish, even if they've done nothing wrong. All these crews and
hacker groups, fk them all. The net needs zero tollerence with
crime. Govs should have the authority to close anything done because
they feel like it, without needing to prove shit.

I would even close IRC channels. Hackphreak on undernet looks
harmless, but fk that. Close it anyway, its time to get a tighter
on things.
Same for zone-h.org, close the crap down.. f**k anything that looks
remotely hax0rish.

Unfortunately, the US Government operates under the auspices of a small
document called "The Constitution", and a little concept called "Common
Now, I know that you trendy kids call things like that "quaint" (I
that's what our new Attorney general calls things like the Geneva
but fortunately for the rest of us, "presumption of innocence" remains
the standard of the land.

If you small-minded totalitarians don't like that sacred principle, get
the hell out of the US.  We don't need your kind. Move to some Banana
Republic where they change the rules all the time in the face of 1000
years of tradition and philosophy and the Blood of Patriots who died to
protect these rights.

"Zero tollerence".  What will these doofuses think of next?  I bet they
start up a cult of personality around the nation's leader, including a
new salute borrowed from the Romans.

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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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