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Re: IE is just as safe as FireFox
From: Raoul Nakhmanson-Kulish <raoul () elforsoft com>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 11:56:48 +0300

Hello, Danny!

This makes sense now, thanks Raoul!
One more question: to make things more secure, do you have any tips on
what settings to change in the firefox.js file? It's contains a lot of
info. :)
Very usable references here:
http://www.guether.de/links/moz-mods.html (in German)

We have settings listed below. Not for FF but for Mozilla Seamonkey because we use scheme described above about year in our company :)

But FF generally has same settings, if no, anybody might correct me.

----- default\prefs\browser-prefs.js -----
// Encrypt saved passwords by default

pref("wallet.crypto.autocompleteoverride", true);
// Ignore 'autocomplete=off' at web pages

pref("update_notifications.enabled", false);
// Turn off autoupdate: this is unusable for R/O share

pref("privacy.popups.first_popup", false);
// Turn off popup blocker welcome message

----- greprefs\all.js -----
pref("dom.disable_window_open_feature.status", true);
pref("dom.disable_window_status_change", true);
// Make status bar always visible and disable status spoofing

pref("dom.disable_window_open_feature.titlebar", true);
pref("dom.disable_window_open_feature.close", true);
pref("dom.disable_window_open_feature.minimizable", true);
// Prevent javascripts from disable titlebar, close and minimize buttons

pref("dom.disable_open_during_load", true);
// Turn popup blocker on

pref("network.image.imageBehavior", 1);
// Load images from originating server only,
// redices net traffic and privacy leaks

pref("network.proxy.autoconfig_url", "http://myproxy/autocfg.script";);
// Enter URL of your proxy autoconfig here (if present)
// OR
// If you want to set up proxy manually, enter values below:
pref("network.proxy.type", 1);
pref("network.proxy.ftp", "myproxy_dns_or_ip");
pref("network.proxy.ftp_port", myproxy_port);
pref("network.proxy.gopher", "myproxy_dns_or_ip");
pref("network.proxy.gopher_port", myproxy_port);
pref("network.proxy.http", "myproxy_dns_or_ip");
pref("network.proxy.http_port", myproxy_port);
pref("network.proxy.ssl", "myproxy_dns_or_ip");
pref("network.proxy.ssl_port", myproxy_port);
pref("network.proxy.no_proxies_on", "your intranet servers list here");

pref("network.cookie.cookieBehavior", 1);
// Accept cookies from originating server only, redices privacy leaks

Best regards,
Raoul Nakhmanson-Kulish
Elfor Soft Ltd.,
ERP Department

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