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SecurityForest - Public Release #1
From: loni () securityforest com
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2004 12:41:29 +0200

Community Website: http://www.securityforest.com
Community IRC channel: irc://irc.unixgods.net:5555/securityforest

Table of contents
  The Open Source Idea
  Tree's in the Forest

SecurityForest.com is a collaboratively edited Forest consisting of Trees which anyone can contribute to. 
SecurityForest's trees are specific security repositories that are categorized for practical reasons. The technologies 
currently in use in these repositories are based on Wiki technology and CVS (Concurrent Versioning System) technology. 
Depending on the species of the tree - the suitable technology will be used. SecurityForest.com is a collection of 
repositories (trees) for the community - by the community. In other words - the updating, modifying and improving can 
be done by anyone in the community.
This public release is posted at http://www.securityforest.com/wiki/index.php?title=SecurityForest_-_Public_Release_no.1

The Open Source Idea
The basic idea behind Open Source is very simple: When people can read, modify and improve a piece of software, the 
software evolves. People improve it, people adapt it, people fix bugs. And this can happen at a speed that, if one is 
used to the slow pace of conventional development, seems astonishing.
We at SecurityForest have learned that this rapid evolutionary process produces better results than the traditional 
closed model, in which only very few people improve the Security Repositories and everybody else must use what these 
individuals have come across and added. SecurityForest is not only based on OpenSource software, but itself is 
opensource meaning the updating, modifying and improving can be done by anyone in the community.

Tree's in the Forest

ExploitTree's ambition is to obtain a categorized collection of ALL available exploit code and therefore to become the 
most organized, rich and up-to-date exploit repository on the internet. The ExploitTree is based on CVS (Concurrent 
Versioning System) and therefore allows the user to keep an up-to-date offline mirror of the repository on their hard 
drive. When a user updates their local copy with a new/updated exploit, it is requested that they update the repository 
and give back to the community. Furthermore, a web interface for web browsing is available.

The ToolTree is made up of various Penetration and Security Tools. The branches are categorized according to the 
Hacking Defined Methodology and each tool in the Tree has a description, homepage link, download link and OS support. 
Tools are easy to find for a specific situation and so the massive amount of tools available on the internet used to 
their full potential.

The TutorialTree (soon to be EducationTree) is a collection of articles and tutorials to educate in the different 
fields of security. Currently in Beta stage.

The LinkTree is a repository of hyperlinks to useful websites which are currently categorized into the following:
* Security Sites
* Consulting Companies
* Education Companies
* Miscellaneous 

The greenhouse is an idea that evolved to allow anyone who has an idea to use the GreenHouse as a framework for it to 
grow with the help of the community into one of SecurityForest's trees. The life cycle of a Tree in the SecurityForest 
is as follows:
Seed ? GreenHouse ? Forest
Anyone who has an idea for a tree is welcome to propose it by "Planting a Seed". Anyone who can back up a Seed with 
content and maintain it can plant it in the GreenHouse. once a GreenHouse Tree is mature enough it will made an 
official tree and be planted in the forest. Currently, the GreenHouse is home to PasswordTree which consistes of 
Default Passwords but is soon to grow other password branches.

Many thanks goes out to ports, Physaro, Tal.z, Devicez, Anthrax and all the other members for their ongoing support in 
the forest. 


Best Regards,
loni () securityforest com 

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