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Re: OT-POLITICAL: (Was: www.georgewbush.com)
From: yossarian <yossarian () planet nl>
Date: Tue, 02 Nov 2004 20:12:46 +0100

Interesting - who said that DMCA or the Communications Decency Act or the
Patriot Act were tech friendly? These three are at best pro-certain
unmentionable tech companies, but basically against the free flow of
information, which many consider a condition sin qua non for tech
development. Probably news.com wants to rally the vote of the techies for
Bush.... If they buy that, they truly deserve another tech-slump, which
started if memory serves me right, round the time GWB got an election...
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From: "Andrew" <notes () shaw ca>
To: "Nancy Kramer" <nekramer () mindtheater net>; "Paul Schmehl"
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Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2004 3:48 PM
Subject: Re: [Full-disclosure] OT-POLITICAL: (Was: www.georgewbush.com)

&gt; <BR>
&gt; And don't forget to read some of the comments, like: &quot;Wow is this
&gt; misleading Jim Grady&nbsp;&nbsp; -- 10/28/04&quot;<BR>
&gt; Summing it up, Bush wasn't included in the score, and being &quot;pro
tech&quot; <BR>
&gt; doesn't mean you'd vote the way their scoring system says you
&gt; <BR>
&gt; At 01:17 AM 11/2/2004, Nancy Kramer wrote:<BR>
&gt; &gt;Continuing in the political vein<BR>
&gt; &gt;<BR>
&gt; &gt;See the link below for the party who is most tech friendly in the
&gt; &gt;<BR>
&gt; &gt;http://news.com.com/2009-1028_3-5431061.html<BR>
&gt; &gt;<BR>
&gt; &gt;The results surprised me.<BR>
&gt; &gt;<BR>
&gt; &gt;Regards,<BR>
&gt; &gt;<BR>
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&gt; &gt;At 06:43 PM 11/1/2004, Paul Schmehl wrote:<BR>
&gt; &gt;<BR>
&gt; &gt;&gt;--On Sunday, October 31, 2004 09:59:55 PM -0600 &quot;J.A.
Terranson&quot; <BR>
&gt; &gt;&gt;&lt;measl () mfn org&gt; wrote:<BR>
&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;<BR>
&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;As Nader supporters continually point out, Kerry is a
&gt; &gt;&gt;&gt;centrist Democrat,<BR>
&gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>
&gt; &gt;&gt;Calling Kerry a centrist Democrat is akin to calling pigs
&gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>
&gt; &gt;&gt;You know the rest...<BR>
&gt; &gt;&gt;<BR>
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