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Re: Time Expiry Alogorithm??
From: Andrew Farmer <andfarm () teknovis com>
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2004 20:00:36 -0800

On 21 Nov 2004, at 17:18, Tiago Halm wrote:
Gautam R. Singh <gautam.singh () gmail com> wrote:
I was just wondering is there any encrytpion alogortim which expires
with time.
For example an email message maybe decrypted withing 48 hours of its
delivery otherwise it become usless or cant be decrypted with the
orignal key

Lets imagine there is a "trusted", non-hackable third-party which handles a timestamp database along with private/public keys. Lets cal it Trent. Trent manages timestamps in terms of existence and validity. Each timestamp can only be used once and only once. Each timestamp, as soon as it is created has also associated a validity window outside of which it will be considered
as invalid. Whenever a timestamp its checked for existence, it will be
marked as used, and hence becomes invalid afterwads. Each timestamp is also,
obviously, unique.

Alice has a message. Alice asks Trent for a timestamp. She generates a hash
of the message, and then she signs the hash and the timestamp with her
private key. She sends the message and the signature to Bob.

When Bob receives the message, Bob decrypts the signature with Alice's
public key and sends Trent the timestamp for validity check. Trent finds the
associated timestamp in its database, sends Bob a positive response and
invalidates the timestamp.

While Bob wants to be sure the message originates from Alice, Alice wants the message to be valid (as originating from her) for only a certain period
of time.

If a certain validity (48h) is given to the timestamps, this may lead to a
valid solution for the situation described above.
How reasonable is this?

Read the request again. What you've described is a system for expiring signatures, not for expiring the message itself. Now, you *could* have Trent generate a key to encrypt the message with, which would solve the original poster's problem, albeit in a rather unsatisfying way.

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