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Re: Slightly off-topic: www.georgewbush.com
From: n3td3v <xploitable () gmail com>
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 20:43:31 +0100

On Sat, 30 Oct 2004 09:39:28 -0700 (PDT), jo s <sybil1002 () yahoo com> wrote:

I don't normally put in my two cents on this site, preferring instead to
lurk and learn...however, i feel you need clarification on your opinion of

Perhaps he's only letting americans see the site, because americans<<<
are the only ones gullible enough to believe his bs<<<
I'm not sure what country you originate from but you can rest assured that
not all american people are taken in by dubya's propaganda, bullshit and
lies.  There are a great many of us who KNOW just what the bastard is
capable of and we are working our hardest to ensure that the american people
DO NOT have to put up with his shit for another 4 years.  It is grossly
unfair of you to assume that ALL americans are as easily led as the sheep
who consist of the christian coalition who, in all reality, is the group
that ensured bushes place in the white house in the first place.  The idiot
wasn't elected, he stole the 2000 spot... along with help from his father's
buddy's who sit on the supreme court.... please don't assume that ALL
american's are in his corner or approve of his politics... or his war... 

OK, i agree with you (some) americans disagree with bush, but on a
broader scale of things, the bush kerry race for the white house is
neck and neck, with only a few percentage in it. People like me, (i'm
in the uk btw) have got to ask why so many americans are in support of
bush, when bush has carried out a billion 9/11's for in his ongoing
attempt to take over iraq. We've got to ignore the propaganda of the
west to get the truth about whats going on. So what is the truth you
may ask me? Well to further clarify a few pointers which must be
brought up in this conversation....

Bush has killed thousands of iraqi women and children, not to mention
men and women, this goes unreported in U.S, to make the bush admin
look good.

Bush also covers up his own dead, aka the troops. Body bags of troops
returning home have a media ban put on planes arriving in U.S from

Bin laden has been on tv asking bush to stop imposing the american way
on life on muslim countires and to be honest, who good disagree with
binladen on that? We are talking about normal every day people
(outside of u.s where the we are not brain washed) who find it
difficult to be in support of bush and the requests by bin laden
becoming more and more acceptable, compared to the way bush has
handled post 9/11 responses.

If bin laden attacked america tomorrow, it would be small fry comapred
to the dreadful killings america has carried out in iraq!
And for what reason?.....

War on terror - No iraq has zero to do with way on terror, before bush
turned iraq into an obvious target for terrorists.

WMD - No iraq never had WMD and if U.S hadn't imposed themselves on
the rest of world aka U.N, U.S would have no reason to go into iraq,
but U.S knew iraq had no WMD and knew if they waited a few more
months, hans blix and co would tell the world that and U.S would have
no reason to invade, which american wanted to do for unknown covered
up reasons (probably oil).

So, bush has killed thousands of thousands of iraqi women, children
and men for no credible reason, and you think bin laden is the bad
guy? Well, bin laden was the bad guy on 9/11 and the days and so after
it, but because of the Bush invasion of iraq, we are in a totally
different ball game, where more average everyday ppl on the streets of
europe in public or in private, have more sympathy for bin ldaen and
his cause, than bush.

Final thoughts, 

- Yes alot of americans disagree with bush, but not the majority

- Bush has already killed more people than bin laden can ever kill

- More normal people have support for binladen on the street than for bush

- Americans have a brain washed preception on whats going on outside
of U.S, to put that into prospectus, only 18% of americans own a
passport, so what hope do they have of understanding whats going on in
reality outsode of U.S

- I round up by saying, the american way of life is wrong and should
not impose themselves on eastern/ muslim countries for an unjustified
cause which holds no factual evidence for doing so. We can all cry
"We've invaded iraq because its the war on terror", with no facts or
evience to back it up.

I end here, I could go on all night, but i think i've said enough for
balanced americans/europeans/muslims/asians/arabs to get the drift of
my opinion.



P.S sorry to all the sec pros who are cringing at political opinions
coming on the list, but I had to respond to an american who disagress
with bush, but perhaps doesn't understand the fuller picture of whats
actually being said outside of the bush controlled U.S media.

If you want to argue with me further, I suggest we take it off list. I
have forum at http://www.geocities.com/n3td3v which has a current
affairs section, see you on that, if not, cheerio!

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