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Re: Slightly off-topic: www.georgewbush.com
From: Jason <security () brvenik com>
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 23:17:53 -0400

This entire discussion hardly belongs on list however...

Paul Schmehl wrote:

--On Saturday, October 30, 2004 11:46 PM +0100 n3td3v <xploitable () gmail com> wrote:

If bush gets voted in, bin laden will go, OK the enemy is bush/U.S gov
and the american people

I'm just curious. How hard would someone have to work to become this stupid? Is it a 24/7 exercise? Or can you get some sleep as well?


Instead of parroting the stupid liberal line, what you ought to do is try reading a little. Osama bin Laden made Americans the enemy about 15 years ago, *long* before Bush was even thinking about running for Governor of Texas, much less the President of the United States.

Why don't you take the opportunity to enlighten someone while you are on your crusade? This is meaningless crap. Put information behind your statements or remain quiet.

I am continually amazed by the stupidity of people who claim to be educated.

OMFG. Like you have one iota of right to make this assessment. You are as equally stupid and ill informed as the worst I have ever seen you challenge. Your constant assault on people that threaten your belief system serves no purpose other than to support your pompous view of yourself. Puff your chest elsewhere. Until you can effectively prevent the networks you oversee from being a nuisance to the world you have no claim.

If kerry gets voted in, it will say the problem is the U.S gov and not
the american people.

If Kerry is elected, the French and Germans will rejoice, because they will know that they can engage in corruption and bribery with rogue states and stymie any attempt by the UN...oh, wait, the UN will be involved in the bribery and corruption, strike that.

The French and the Germans will know that they are free to do anything they want without interference from a weak, appeasing President who is afraid to risk a single life in the cause of freedom.

WTF makes you think you are qualified to make this statement? You assault people and chide them because they are "parroting the stupid liberal line" yet you let these words come from your mind to the keyboard.

Who are you to impose your views on anther country in the name of freedom. There are over 15,000 dead Iraqi citizens ( by conservative estimates) for a war they did not want or encourage. These were innocent people in the wrong place at the wrong time. What do you have to say about their freedom?

You are a true believer that bases your position on a belief system that is not founded in truth or honest morality. You are what they are talking about in this study.


Oh, and Iraq will have elected *their* first government by the time the President is sworn into office, but who cares about them either, right? After all, they don't have European blood, so their essentially worthless anyway.

If you listen to the statement made by Rumsfeld to the Senate Armed Services Committee Iraq will not have elected the first president legitimately.

“If there were to be an area where the extremists focused during the election period, and an election was not possible in that area at that time, so be it. You have the rest of the election and you go on. Life’s not perfect,”

It would seem there is not much interest in ensuring that there is security to facilitate those elections or an agenda that would have them occur before it is time.

One more idiot joins the chorus of worldwide idiots.

I disagree. You joined the chorus a long time ago.

I hope you get the idea.

Oh, yeah, I get the idea all right. Bozo's international is enjoying a worldwide explosion in membership.

Now, PLEASE keep the damn politics off this list.

We finally agree on something.

because I assure you, I will not sit idly by and allow this kind of unadulterated crap to be spewed on this list without responding.

And every time you respond I will belittle you like you try to do to others. You have offered no fact, value, information, or opinion worth a grain of sand. If you cannot be part of the solution then you are by definition part of the problem.

Despite your terrorist tactics your attacks will not shut down the voice of the people.

All replies to /dev/null.

Hopefully they will find some true intelligence in there.

As a parting note and in keeping with the tradition of killing a thread.


I just love the parting scene where 43 has his hand up in true Nazi style.

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