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Re: Slightly off-topic: www.georgewbush.com
From: yossarian <yossarian () planet nl>
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2004 12:46:56 +0100

Paul wrote:
&gt; Instead of parroting the stupid liberal line, what you ought to do is
try <BR>
&gt; reading a little.&nbsp; Osama bin Laden made Americans the enemy about
15 years <BR>
&gt; ago, *long* before Bush was even thinking about running for Governor of
&gt; Texas, much less the President of the United States.<BR>

You mean the US became the enemy when the russians left afghanistan and
Osama was still on the CIA payroll, at the time that G.W. turned from coke
to God, and daddy bush was supplying arms to saddam? How ungrateful - now I
understand - not.

Paul wrote some more:
&gt; Of course, 25 million Afghans, who have democratically elected a
President <BR>
&gt; **of their choice** for the first time in their history might be a
little <BR>
&gt; disappointed, but who cares about them anyway, right?&nbsp; They're
about as <BR>
&gt; important as those black muslims in Sudan that no one in Europe cares

Paul, please enlighten me - what US forces are in Darfur at this very

Anyway, the relation of this to this forum is of course the fact that the
Internet is a very likely battlefield - low impact, anonymous, open to
fanatics on both sides whom we already met in this discussion (paul were you
actually threatening n3td3v? - I sincerely hope you stay on the legal side
of things....). The fact that some consider the internet US territory (like
some courts in the US have done) will make this only more likely. And if
this happens survaillance and policing by US institutions will find out they
cannot only police the american part - which they probably already know. And
this will have a major impact on information security and all of our jobs.
Some people here will be coerced to 'do' things for their respective

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