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RE: House approves spyware legislation
From: "Todd Towles" <toddtowles () brookshires com>
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 2004 08:07:38 -0500

Why make more computer laws...when the current computer laws can not be
enforced correctl? We all know that the CAN-SPAM Act really cut the spam
out of our e-mails *sigh* Then the INDUCE act will make half the stuff
in a normal person's house illegal. 

Making laws is just playing around...paper on top of paper doesn't stop
anything. It all falls back to the old saying - Action speaks louder
than words.

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Great, Not that I'm any fan of spyware, but this is just 
another law against hacking. Think - what's the difference 
between this and someone using XSS to "take control" of a 
computer? If you r00t a box and deface the home page, then 
you've broken this law.

<sigh> Instead of fixing the problem (poor software security) 
we pass laws to punish the people who do the things that 
illustrate the problem.
Basic philosophical differences, blah blah blah ...

Worst of all, do you really think that the spyware rackets 
will slow down or cease because of this? Nope - they'll just 
migrate out of the jurisdiction.

-- Greg

On or about 2004.10.06 06:03:18 +0000, RandallM 
(randallm () fidmail com) said:


The U.S. House of Representatives voted late Tuesday to 
restrict some 
of the most deceptive forms of spyware.

By a 399-1 vote, House members approved legislation prohibiting 
"taking control" of a computer, surreptitiously modifying a Web 
browser's home page, or disabling antivirus software 
without proper authorization.


thank you
Randall M

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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
Charter: http://lists.netsys.com/full-disclosure-charter.html

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