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RE: Possibly a stupid question RPC over HTTP
From: "Burnes, James" <james.burnes () gwl com>
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 10:42:01 -0600

Welcome the wonderful wide world of "web services".  The gleeful
tunneling through https and http of non REST information.  This has been
an issue for, how many years now?

Get yourself a SOAP/XML sniffer.  I believe one of the XML firewall
suppliers gives this out for free.


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You need protocol level inspection (i.e. beyond SPI) if you're going
to monitor that kind of traffic.

Also, the support for RPC over HTTP (should really be HTTPS) is not as
open ended as you might fear.

Look at the following: 

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On Tue, 12 Oct 2004 12:41:56 -0700, Daniel Sichel
<daniels () ponderosatel com> wrote:
This may just reflect my ignorance, but I read (and found hard to
believe) that Microsoft has implemented RPC over HTTP. Is this not a
HUGE security hole? If I understand it correctly it means that good
HTML or XML can invoke a process using standard web traffic (port 80)?
Is there any permission checking done? what things can be invoked by
over HTTP? Jeeze, to me it looks like the barn door is now wide open.
I right, and if so, how can I detect RPCs in web traffic to block this
junk? Can ANY stateful packet filter see this stuff or is the pattern
too broad in allowed RPCs?

Again, I hope this is not a stupid question or inappropriate format
this, as somebody else recently said, there is already enough noise on
this list. I would hate to see this list degenerate, it has been
valuable to me as a network engineer on occaison.

Thanks all,
Dan Sichel
Ponderosa telephone
daniels () ponderosatel com

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Full-Disclosure - We believe in it.
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