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Re: [in] Re: Will a vote for John Kerry be counted by a Hart InterCivic eSlate3000 in Honolulu?
From: Ron DuFresne <dufresne () winternet com>
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 16:41:05 -0500 (CDT)

Ya'll need to change vocations, get out of IT and become political rabbits
running door to door changing minds and winning hearts, and leaving little
droppings on the doorsteps of those that don't care.


Ron DuFresne

On Thu, 21 Oct 2004, Exibar wrote:

    And what was it that Bush lied to you personally about?  or lied to the
American People about?  WMD's in Iraq? Just because we haven't found many of
them (YES we have found some, BTW), doesn't mean they didn't exist....
Like life on Mars, just because we haven't seem little green men yet,
doesn't mean they don't exist.
   Did you vote for Clinton?  Now HE out right lied to the American people,
UNDER OATH no less....   Kerry has also lied, out and out.... the first lie
that comes to mind is the thought that he threw his medals over the fence
after Viet-nam, he still has HIS medals.  He's trying to say that he "threw
medals" not that he "threw HIS medals".  Oh and what's that, first he was
for the war that he served in, then against, and now all of a sudden he's
running for president and he's for it again.   iraq the same way, he's
against it, he's for it, he's against it... he's a friggin revolving door.

   The second BIG one (and a Flip-Flop too I guess), much more important
than the first thought that came to mind is something Kerry said in one of
the debates.  He said something to the fact that he supports people to own
firearms, that he's a hunter himself and that he would never do anything to
harm the 2nd amendment.  That is a bold face lie, right through his teeth.
There hasn't been a single gun control bill that has passed his desk that he
DID NOT sign.  He received a shotgun from some workers while on campaign a
couple weeks or so ago, that very shotgun that he received would have been
banned if one of the bills that he endorsed would have passed and became
law.  He's "striving to close the gun show loophole" as well, let me say
this once, THERE IS NO GUNSHOW LOOPHOLE!  You go to a gun show, here in Mass
for example, and want to purchase a rifle, pistol, whatever, the dealer that
you buy it from first asks for your Gun Permit, and has you fill out the
paperwork.  While you're filling out the paperwork, they are calling the FBI
to perform an instant background check on you.  ALL dealers are required to
do this before you can purchase your weapon....  Where's the loophole?  Oh
that's right, if I wanted to sell a rifle, pistol, whatever that I own at a
gunshow, I can sell it to anyone that I care to as long as they have a
permit and I fill out the transfer form.  Gunshow loophole?  Nope, I can do
the same thing by placing an add in the wantads... oh! it's the wantad

  Like I've said, vote for whomever YOU feel is the best candidate.  I will
defend YOUR right to do so.  I will say again that I will PROUDLY cast my
vote for G. W. BUSH in a couple weeks.  Think about this for a second, our
ability to vote for the person we feel should be in office is something the
citizens of IRAQ hasn't been able to do until G.W.BUSH sent our troops in
and got rid of Saddam.  Now they have had their own first election.....
Yes I support the war in Iraq, our troops, and our country, to the very end.

 for whoever said that I'm brainwashed or something by the media, I make up
my own mind, get my own facts, and go from there.  For the most part, the
Media cannot be trusted, period.

  This is all I will say about this to the list.  If you wish to continue
this discussion, e-mail me privately and if I have time I'll respond.


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Exibar wrote:
The question comes to mind... why oh why did you cast your
vote for  Kerry?
I guess you want the US to be policed and governed by the UN.
 I guess you want

Though in danger of starting a flame war...

Exibar, Dude! You've fallen head over heals for the Republican
line.  There might be a lot about John Kerry you don't like, like his
honesty, forthrightednes, and straght-forward talking.  But I will never
vote for a President that has coldly lied to his people.  And I am one of
those people Bush has bold-facely lied to.

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If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked.
What's more, you deserve to be hacked.
-- former White House cybersecurity zar Richard Clarke

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