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Re: some interresting project i just stumbled across...
From: Michael Simpson <mikie.simpson () gmail com>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2005 15:06:08 +0000

so it is basically freenet but running on a different port (8482
rather than 8481)
what's the point


[1] This is only true if the network has reached a sufficient size and
if there is enough traffic to hide the source and destination of
specific packets travelling the network. Only then it will be
impossible to guess the source of data from log files.


anonymity through obscurity through packet deluge, shurely a script
could be coined that could sort those logs
though i suppose that they are saying that the only direct info that
can be gleaned is through the sideband of traffic analysis which gets
more difficult as the usage of the bandwidth increases. The crypto
literature seems to sugggest that only teh military have enough
resources to be continuously caning their bandwidth in order to hide
any traffic pattern leakage of info


Entropy supports the Freenet Client Protocol (FCP) so that existing
clients can easily and quickly be used for Entropy. Freenet
(http://freenetproject.org) and Entropy can be used at the same time.

One example for those clients is Frost
(http://jtcfrost.sourceforge.net/), a software originally written for
Freenet. Frost can be used for exchanging news and files (it serves as
messageboard and file-sharing client at the same time) and can be used
for both Freenet and Entropy.


have these guys got beef with freenet?

On Wed, 2 Feb 2005 12:57:09 +0100, Oliver Leitner <Shadow333 () gmx at> wrote:
I was just surfing a bit around and came across this interresting sounding


here is a short description of what it is from their page:

"ENTROPY stands for Emerging Network To Reduce Orwellian Potency Yield and as
such describes the main goal of the project.

    * ENTROPY is developed as a response to increasing censorship and
surveillance in the internet. The program connects your computer to a network
of machines which all run this software. The ENTROPY network is running
parallel to the WWW and also other internet services like FTP, email, ICQ.
    * For the user the ENTROPY network looks like a collection of WWW pages.
The difference to the WWW however is that there are no accesses to central
servers. And this is why there is no site operator who could log who
downloaded what and when. Every computer taking part in the ENTROPY network
(every node) is at the same time server, router for other nodes, caching
proxy and client for the user: that is You.
    * After you gained some experience with the ENTROPY network, there are
command line tools for you to insert whole directory trees into the network
as a ENTROPY site. So ENTROPY does for you what a webspace provider does for
you in the WWW - but without the storage and bandwidth costs and without any
regulation or policy as to what kind of content you are allowed to publish.
Everyone can contribute his own ENTROPY site for everybody else to browse
through. The contents is stored in a distributed manner across all available
and reachable nodes and no one can find out about who put up what contents
into the network [1]. Even if your node is not actively running, your
contents can be retrieved by others -- without knowing that it was actually
you who published the files. Of course this is only true if you do not
publish your name (or leave your name or other personal data in the files you

Have fun,
Juergen "

so i thought i might share the url with you peoples.

If you have any suggestions for the project, contact em, and not me, i am not
a developer there)

Oliver Leitner
Technical Staff
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