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Re: In case y'all didn't catch it yet...
From: Bart.Lansing () kohls com
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 09:27:45 -0600

A couple of things to note from mr schneider's blog warning...

Fact..until it's published and the method handed out and it's replicated 
independently, SHA-1 is NOT broken.

Fact..the people posting here missed a fairly important bit of schneider's 
blog-post, and I quote: 

The paper isn't generally available yet. At this point I can't tell if 
the attack is real.


(Translation, there is no proof that the sky is falling.  Yes, the 
researchers are reputable...but the scientific method of repeatable 
results with published methods needs to verifiy it)

Fact:  If the paper and method are sound...the sky STILL is not falling 
(although it will be raining pretty darned hard)...2^69 operations...to 
get a collision...how many hours of current gen cpu cycles?? (some notes 
from the blog thread postulate a 4 ghz machine would need 4000 
years...4000 CPU@ 4 ghz ea ...1 year.)  Based on the rumors, would I 
entrust state secrets to SHA-1? Nope.  Digital signature on a dosument 
authorizing the use of Nukes against Utah?  Nope.  Failing that level of 
protection requirement, for the time being, of course I would, and will.

Bart Lansing

full-disclosure-bounces () lists netsys com wrote on 02/16/2005 05:59:05 AM:

On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 12:26:33 +0100, Polarizer <Polarizer () codixx com> 

I'am a little curious on the impacts.

Any suggestions appreciated.

PKI relies on certificates, certificates relies on SHA-1,
pretty much all digital signing is done via SHA-1.

Little bit outdated, but for basic overview:


all the best,

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