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Re: New Internet Explorer Beta
From: dk <dk () pwarchitects com>
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 14:31:12 -0600

William Lefkovics wrote:
--[snip of Gartner babble]--

You know (as a comparison) one could argue that much of what gartner says is a good "backup source" for the masses to listen to when one lacks the experience to form their own opinion. Of course I'm joking a bit here; but personal experimentation reveals more than corporate quotation for sure, no?

I'm absolutely delighted that the decision to tie IE releases to Windows has
been reversed.

As I'm sure we all are... But do not confuse this with a good faith corporate gesture, or a dedication to improve the quality of their development for the community. This was purely a business decision with the consumers "quality-of-use" only weighed in $$'s.

And Firefox is no panacea.

Very true, but it was not the goal of the project to be one. It is self-evident that no piece of software has ever been, nor ever will be completely bug-free. Aside from serving the needs on the individual user better, the Mozilla Foundation seems to have help effect a policy change in our planet's wealthiest & most ambivalent corporation; no small task.

Besides, I'd rather help a local farmer pick the bugs off his crops than blindly eat the bugs of Monsanto's.

> It is just another browser with a different set
of issues. A good backup browser, really.

Bah, I've used many other browsers on many OS's since ~94. IE has never been a first choice for many people. It did not facilitate the creation of the WWW & the web's purpose shall outlive it & others no doubt. IE's problems have always been exacerbated because of it's designed context & end purpose; making it easy for site developers & windows developers to deliver content with as little thought or time as possible. Depriving them from learning valuable lessons on responsibility and consequence. Naturally this ease of use applies to the malware authors as well. Hence this constant use of IE as an exploitation vector, regardless of market share held. I believe the latter is demonstrated well enough through the spam phenomena we all suffer. Though the perpetrator clearly knows only a small share will ever even see the spam, they continue in mass-volume to reach those few until true diminishing returns are hit.

One thing that can help you distinguish a similar program from another is the developers timely response to bug reports, vulnerabilities, and the vested interest in the use/creation of the software to begin with. Not to mention the availability to easily read & modify the source code. Little is hidden from you with some breed of apps; you can be in full control if you so desire. In this, IE and Firefox diverge greatly.

In the end, things can thrive with diversity. I welcome a future where many browsers, servers, programs, os's (etc) are used by the internet populace... If merely for an aesthetic reason, mono-culture is rice cake drab.


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