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Gurgens Guest Book Password Database Vulnerability
From: "eric basher" <basher13 () linuxmail org>
Date: Sun, 15 May 2005 20:42:51 +0800

1:02 AM 5/13/2005

" Gurgens Guest Book  Password Database Vulnerability "

Vulnerable version:
Guest Book 2.1 

Guest Book is a complete solution which requires none or very little effort to set up and 
match existing website configuration. Control Panel with "Virtual Designer" allows 
complete Guest Book  design build  on the client side  
The idea behind this “Guest Book” is, to store message records in a text file. 
Although, compare to ADO, it's a bit complicated to retrieve and set individual 
records in the text file, this method seems to be quicker.Messages are stored in 
a text file “guestrecord.txt”. This file if fully administrable through “admin.asp “ 

The application has stored database for Administration  on the directory called
'db/',uses filetype .DAT extention as 'Genid.DAT'.The credentials are stored encrypted 
in another text file "Genid.dat".A vulnerability on this application
that make password can be take by browser(download),then use program encryption
to descrypt the password/username .The password and username was encrypted and 
save it as 'Genit.DAT'.

Sample source:

ElseIF flag = 1 then
        Set objFile = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
        Password = Trim(Request.form("Password"))
        UserID = Trim(Request.form("UserID"))
        passFile = server.mappath("db\Genid.dat")'A vulnerable line
        Set passGet=objFile.OpenTextFile(passFile, 1)

        DUserID = passGet.ReadLine
        DecryptUserID = CryptText(DUserID, "$u () gess", True)
        DPass = passGet.ReadLine 'String "$u () gess" is a crypt key
        DecryptPassword = CryptText(DPass, "$u () gess", True)

Here a vulnerable Administration Database;

passFile = server.mappath("db\Genid.dat")

Execute URL 'http://localhost/db/Genit.dat',then we go to download files
,use notepad to open file;

User name :
Ö¤ÔÎáܗé²ÈÙâå     <-------
Password =               |
å¡ÚØêâ–Ù          <------|
------ > 'Open 'Genid.dat' on directory 'db' ,
then use SEDT tools to sure descrypt the files 'Genit.dat'

Modify or rename "db\Genid.dat" to another name,sample:
UserID = Trim(Request.form("UserID"))
passFile = server.mappath("db\Genid.dat")'A vulnerable line
'server.mappath("db\Genid.dat") modify to server.mappath("somepage\filename.dat")
Other else Change String "$u () gess" it at your will. But make sure it's the same 
on the "reset.asp" page.

Vendor URL:

Security Audit Tools:

Published by - basher13[basher13 () linuxmail org]

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