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Redmond Report: Yahoo for IM
From: "Randall M" <rmueller () fidnet com>
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 17:19:11 -0500

::::1) Redmond Report Weekly
::::By Doug Barney
::::Editor in Chief, Redmond magazine 
::::I love and hate IM. I love quick little tactical 
::::conversations and decisions that can be made while you're 
::::pretending to pay attention to someone else. It was also a 
::::way for me to talk to my kids, until they figured out how 
::::to block my messages. But I hate how some rely upon IM 
::::instead of the phone, and how hard it is to end a 
::::conversation. How many conversations end, 'Thanks, you're 
::::welcome, see ya, yeah, see you too!'?
::::Another thing I hate is how these relatively simple apps 
::::don't work together because stubborn vendors refuse to cooperate. 
::::But now Yahoo! and Microsoft, perhaps sharing a common 
::::hatred of Google, have set aside their minor differences 
::::and decided to interoperate. Here, here! Now let's just get 
::::AOL on the bandwagon. 
::::Have you had any luck with multi-vendor IM clients like 
::::Trillium? Let me know at dbarney () redmondmag com

I know you asked for a reply concerning "multi-vendor IM clients", but, I
have to ask "WHAT ABOUT SECURITY"!!
I fight daily with pesky spam, maleware, viruses, and back-doors. Every
computer I clean has some type of IM client or a residual of one including
all the little extra "tool bars" and "weather bugs" and such. They HOG the
enterprise bandwidth with "ads" not to mention the problems of employees
keeping everything business. And now you tell me Windows wants to marry into
IM???? Is this going to be an "option" or one day a default insatallation?
Exactly what is windows plan here?? Am I getting carried away? Will I be
looking for "IM patches" on patch Tuesday???? Do I have a lot more questions
and concerns?? YES!

Thank You
Randall M


"You too can have your very own Computer!"

Note: Side effects include: 
Blue screens; interrupt violation;
illegal operations; remote code
exploitations; virus and maleware infestations;
and other unknown vulnerabilities.

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