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vhost enumeration
From: unknown unknown <unknown.pentester () gmail com>
Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 17:04:39 +0100


I'm very interested in the idea of finding vhosts given an IP address. So
far, the only way to do this is by querying open source facilities such as
search engines and online statistic databases.

 Sometimes, reverse lookups might give you hostnames, but you can't always
count on this as domain names don't always support PTR records.

I'm curious about how feasible it is to use vhosts as backdoors when
performing security tests. The idea is that you enumerate all vhosts for a
given IP address and attack the server via the vhost which offers the most
insecure web application.

I haven't experimented much with this concept, so I would like to receive
some feedback on this.

So far, I use different tools to enumerate vhosts given an IP address:


Search a given IP address. e.g.: " <>" (including the
quotation marks). This method works sometimes, but it is a bit manual
because you need to check the hostnames from the result snippets and make
sure that they resolve to your target IP address

2. Reverse IP (http://www.whois.sc/reverse-ip/)

This online tool is quite good. The downside is that you need to register
for an account. If you register a free account, *only* a maximum of 3 vhosts
will be returned from your queries. Unfortunately, you need to pay in order
to get all the results from the database.

3. Searchmee (http://www.searchmee.com/web-info/ip-hunt.php)

Another online tool similar to Reverse IP. The good thing is that it is
*free*. A very cool feature is that it takes IP ranges in slash notation.
This is really powerful because it provides a stealth mechanism to "scan"
for webservers across a given company gateway.

For instance, you can make the following organizational query on your shell:

 $ whois -h whois.arin.net <http://whois.arin.net> Microsoft

Then from there you could choose an IP range. So say that you pick
" -". After that you can stick in this range in
slash notation in Searchmee as <>

This search will give you a quite good number of Microsoft web servers that
belong to that range without ever sending a single packet to the target.

 The request is:



 A partial screenshot is available at:


Other stealth enumeration tools that you might be interested in include:

Dmitry - http://mor-pah.net/code/download.php?file=DMitry-1.2a.tar.gz

MET (Massive Enumeration Toolset) - http://www.gnucitizen.org/met/download/

If any of you knows of any other tools or techniques that might help
enumerating vhosts given an IP address please let me know.

pagvac (Adrian Pastor)
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